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Sports Day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by binhead23, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Just having a little think about how to 'spruce up' sports day this year and was just wondering how everyone oragnised theirs? I want to stick to doing a carousel of activities but just wondering if people who did it this way go round the activities in mixed ages according to their teams or in classes and compete against the different teams?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    The problem with a carousel of activities is that the children don't watch each other compete. This 'dilutes' the competitive element of it in my view, as no-one considers the efforts of others and you don't get children cheering on their house or team. The 'benefit' of a carousel of activities is that it's all over in half an hour but this also means that the whole thing ends up rather diluted and something of a damp squib.
    Nothing sadder than a 'non-competitive' sports day in my view. There are still some at my school who want it to be thus, worrying about the poor little dears who aren't very good at sport. Never do they consider the poor little dears who aren't very good at maths or English yet who still have to do them every day.
    We're linking ours to The Olympics (I imagine this is common this year!), with real sporting events rather than the muddled **** that's taken place in recent years (we have a new PE co-ordinator) where there will be real competition with medals for winners and house points what will lead to a winning house as well.
  3. The way my previous school did it was fab! Split up into key stages on different days. Ks1 did the carousel idea which was fun and parents loved - also meant Y6 enjoyed running the activities and teachers could support as they went round.
    Ks2 was split into Y3/4 and Y5/6. 2 parts - competitive races of running, egg and spoon, 3 legged and each child chose what they entered. 1 race for each event for each year group and gender due to numbers on our race track. Winners received bronze, silver and gold ribbons. The rest of that phase children and parents watched and cheered. In the other part of the field the other phase completed a carousel of games in mixed up groups gaining points for their house. Again parents watching.
    They then swapped over! I loved the fact that there was the competitive 1 on 1 element but also the team spirit of working together. Great for those sporty and non sporty children. Ticks all the boxes for me!
  4. We do a similar thing to ChangingHair - best of both worlds. My school used to be a middle school and did a whole morning of competitive sports - events took place in front of whole school. Great for the minority that were very sporty AND confident, but a real turn off for the rest who used to spend the whole morning sat down waiting for their one event. Behaviour inevitably not great.
    I took on PE when it became a primary school and took the opportunity to change it up. Key Stage 1 and Reception have theirs on one morning and KS2 on another morning. First half of morning is a massive carousel with all chn from the Key Stage vertically streamed into house teams. They score points for how well they complete activities (ie for shuttles run, distance jumped, etc). Staff run the activities, Yr 6 are team leaders (responsible for looking after score cards and 'cheerleading'!) and parents watch around the edge and can follow their child's team around as they complete the carousel - we make sure siblings are in the same team. Second half of the morning is competitive races - chn who don't want to race don't have to but there are enough events for everyone to take part in one. If chn who hate this kind of thing don't want to do it, their space is inevitably taken up by those that love it.
    There are so many benefits to running a carousel as described above:
    • Children are more active for longer
    • All are involved - tweak your activities to include everyone
    • Parents like it as they get to watch their own child for longer and completing a range of activities
    • The more sporty can still get their chance to shine - both in the carousel and in the races after, as both are on public view
    • Children ARE involved in cheering each other on while taking part in the carousel (for example while standing in line waiting for their turn to shoot a hockey ball) - extra points are usually awarded for this!
    • Children ARE involved in competitive activity - the more proficient you are at an activity, the more points you score
    • Competition can be further ramped up if desired by holding year group trials prior to sports day (although these won't be in public)
    • Most importantly, the children LOVE it! We have done feedback surveys after the event to give chn chance to say what they did or didn't like about the format or carousel activities. Great pupil voice and we use it to inform activity choices for the next year. No child has ever said they preferred the old format.
    The points scored in the races are added to the points scored in the carousel and the school waits with baited breath to find out which house will be crowned champions! (who immeidately leap up and do the obligatory victory lap round the school field!) Parents and children then have picnic lunch on school field. This will be our 4th Sports Day using this format - I'd take a lot of convincing to do it any other way now!
    Olympics twists this year include: each activity on the carousel is an Olympic event (or derivative of); bonus points can be scored by children demonstrating the Olympic or Paralympic values (rather than just for 'teamwork'); a podium for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed runners to stand on and receive their certificates having finished their race.
  5. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    we have a carousel to show off skills where the children are split into year groups. we then have the house competitive races - some of those aren't entirely serious. everyone's happy.
  6. Fantastic ideas thank you very much everyone, definitely given me a good place to start! Love the idea of doing a carousel of activities but with some races at the end - best of both worlds! Thanks again!

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