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sports day race ideas - KS1

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by wwvirgin, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. I've got sports day with my year 1s in a couple of weeks. We have to complete a list of the races we want them to run and i can only think of the boring running race, egg and spoon and skipping. any ideas of some fun races we can do?
    It has to be done on tarmac!
  2. I've got sports day with my year 1s in a couple of weeks. We have to complete a list of the races we want them to run and i can only think of the boring running race, egg and spoon and skipping. any ideas of some fun races we can do?
    It has to be done on tarmac!
  3. Hi,
    we have been talking about this at school today. We have come up with dressing up race, where the runners have to stop at four points and put on the item of clothing, relay race, beanbag on a bat race, obstsacle course race, three legged race, dribbling a hockey ball around markers. There were a few more that I cant remember right now.
  4. thanks
  5. Our years 1's love this especially if it's a warm day. You have 3 bases, at the first base you have a cup nearly full of water they hold this on their head, they move onto the next base where they have to step in a hoop and bring it up over their head (still holding the cup on their heads), then onto base 3 where they throw a bean bag into a bucket and place the cup of water into measuring beaker when everyone in a team/child has been then it's the children with the most water not always the quickest team/ child. Works well if you have anyone who is not the fastest at running etc.
  6. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    For KS1 we have 120 children in each year group.
    We split the year group into 6 exercise groups, with equal numbers from each house (ie 5 children from each house x 4 = 20). There `are 6 activity stations ('rob the nest', bat and beanbag run, straight sprint, beanbag throw, obstacle race ect etc).
    The activity stations are spread around the field in a circuit.
    Each activity group spends 10 minutes at each station, starting and finishing time being signalled by a whistle. For each station, the winner gets 4 points, 2nd 3 points etc. The scores are sent in to a score table after each 10 minute section is completed. The activity groups rotate round the 6 stations one at a time a bit like an exercise circuit.
    After all groups have done the 6 stations, scores added up, winner announced, trophy awarded.
    Easily adaptable to different year group sizes, everybody contributes to the final score, everybody gets to do 6 different exercises, stations can be designed according to age and abilty level of the year group.
    You would need about 8 to 12 adults helping to make it work smoothly.
    Parents like it because it has competition, but enables everybody to contribute to the house/class/team score without any elitism or 'snubbing' of lower abilities.
  7. We have a mixed fun /competitive afternoon. Events are sprint, egg and spoon and skipping which are individual and competitive, then the fun team events: target throw- throwing bean bags, quiots and small balls into a bucket or hoop, shuttle relay- running with quiot to teammate, potatoe race- team collects bean bags one at a time, broad jump- each team member has a turn jumping with bean bag, obstacle race, mini hurdles, dress up race- each child has to put on hat scarf and large wellies and space hopper race.
    Everyone gets a certificate at the end and stickers for where their team finished. In the indiviadual events the 1st 3 get a medal.

  8. Hi,
    I have the same problem- no grass just a playground but we manage with a mixed yr1 and 2 sports day.
    This year we are doing Ladder Leap- which involves 2 footed jump up and down the ladder (Agility plastic floor ladders), Space Hopper Hurdles which involves children bouncing over a few small plastic cones with a space hopper, Water Race- like a relay but with plastic cups of coloured water (some cups can have holes), Coconut shy which is airflow balls placed on cones which the children throw a beanbag at and finally the good old bean bag race where the children put a bean bag in each hoop (3 in total and at different distances) and then the next runner takes them off. We always finish with a competitive sprint of 8 children at a time. To make it different this year we are asking parents to compete in a Tug-of-War contest.
    Hope this gives you some inspiration- Good luck
  9. I'm not sure what this race is called ...?

    Is the obstacle course race the one where they are in teams and have to only step on squares of material;

    Each team has 3-6 squares and they all have to stay on them, so the person at the back passes along the last square to the front to keep the team moving. The first team to cross the line without touching the floor wins.

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