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Sports Day Crisis!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mcjswans1912, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    This year, I am meant to be organising sports day with 1 or 2 teachers and 1 student in my school. We always have the same every year. Different Stations and groups. You know what I mean???!!! So this year, I would like it to be the sports day that no one will forget. Any Suggestions?
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Is it a whole school sports day? And you usually do activities rather than races?

    You could introduce a competitive element, with a variety of races on offer. Each child must participate in at least one race of their choosing. (This is important - bad memories from sports day are often to do with being forced to run a race you hate. If everyone has a choice, even un-sporty children can have ownership and pick the 'least worse' option.) This would have to be organised in advance and might mean that you end up with lots of children opting for the same race... in which case, you can discreetly split by ability and run several rounds of that race.

    Time/space/participants permitting, you could do any of a whole variety of races:
    - sprint
    - long distance run
    - relay
    - skipping race
    - sack race
    - egg and spoon race
    - obstacle race
    - three legged race
    - dressing up race
    - mums/dads race
    - dribble a football/control a ball with a hockey stick around some cones
    - scooter race

    If your school has houses, children could be competing for the glory of their house. First place gets 3 points for your house, second place 2 points, third place 1 point. It encourages team spirit, with spectators cheering on their fellow house members and being part of something bigger than individuals winning and/or losing.

    One school I know got the children to tye-die T-shirts in house colours the week before sports day (not sure if they provided the T-shirts or asked parents to send in a white one). Then on the day, everyone had their own T-shirt to wear. It was good fun and looked great!

    In addition to races, you could also offer some activities with the chance to win points for participating well. For example, for a beanbag toss you could earn a point if you manage to throw the beanbag in a hoop a given distance away. Or you could just have some activities for fun, while the races are going on - so while KS1 are racing, KS2 do activities, and then swap around. Or Years 1 and 2 race, Years 3 and 4 do activities, Years 5 and 6 spectate, and then rotate.

    Good luck planning a fun sports day!
  3. ultimatedingbat

    ultimatedingbat Established commenter

    We did a teachers race which was fun. And a parent teachers race that was fun too! We did different stations around the field, and then to finish off we did races for each year group

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