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sports day carousel

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ricochet, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Non-compeitive:-

    slaloms (hockey/ football/ bouncing)
    step ups (assuming flat surface)
    Goal scoring
    throwing beanbags into a target
    rest stations
    javelin throws
    squat thrusts over a line
    catch the rat

    How many do you want?

  2. sounds brilliant!! was just wanting ideas really i could take to the staff meeting to discuss! thank you! :) x
  3. no worries - all great ideas! seems more term progresses, more my mind turns to goo and i can't think! lol. x
  4. We have two sports days - one for whole school which is carousel of activites with all children in mixed teams from R to Yr 6. The children compete for their house. Activites include:
    Sack race
    Obstacle race
    Throwing foam javelins
    Simple relay
    Throwing bean bags in hoops
    Egg and spoon relay
    Our KS2 sports day is a more traditional competitive one with the usual running races (various distances), skipping, hurdles and relay.

  5. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    We have similar to lou2005

    mixed team races with a representative from each year group in a relay-running, skipping, quoit on head, egg and spoon, backwards race, points from each race go towards the sports team cup
    individual running races, each year group has a race, split between boys and girls, certificates for winner of each race
    parents race, toddler races ( for visitors) mother and child race, staff obstacle race and a water balloon race for the year 6's
    We are a small school so everyone get at leat 2 goes!

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