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Splitting a TLR?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by spo_spike24, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. spo_spike24

    spo_spike24 New commenter

    Hi, I wonder if someone can advise. I have arrived at a new school as the new head of department. Upon my induction the summer before I started, they informed me that my line manager (HOF) was leaving and I would report in to SLT. Since September, my colleague the other head of the department (new to the job role also) and myself have been acting up to the faculty role, splitting it. We have now decided that we should be recompensated for the work we are doing, as it doesn’t seem they are going to replace them and we are due to have discussions about the feasibility and structure. We have asked as an option to split the extra TLR on top. They have said they don’t think they can do it. Does anyone get a split TLR for a job share? Thanks
  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    it has happened at my school in the past - large dept with many different aspects to role, joint HoDs (both full time teachers, but job role/TLR was split)
  3. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    There’s no provision for splitting a TLR in the STPCD (though it can – and should – be reduced for part-timers). Having said that, I have heard of schools splitting TLRs, so it does happen.

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