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Split Site School = Increase in stress

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by luke98a, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. I have taught on a split site school for the past 5 years and the added stress of having to drive to your next lesson on a regular basis is starting to get to me. It means you are usually late for your lesson, the kids are already fighting in the corridor by the time you get to the classroom, you waste alot of time having to get everything set up - which means the class becomes even more unsettled and to make matters worse you lose 5 to 10 mins of your breaktime if you have to go the other campus to teach your next lesson. What makes matters worse at our school is the fact that some teachers don't have to do this at all and are not experiencing half the stress that i am. I think i should be payed more or given an extra PPA for having to do this regularly - do you agree / disagree...?
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Sounds like a nightmare! Why don't you just change schools ( assuming family commitments allow such a thing )?
  3. Weald56

    Weald56 Established commenter

    No - I don't see how you could be under present systems (hardly a TLR). But I would suggest that you speak to your Head (and perhaps your Union Rep) about having a timetable that respects this - so you have adequate breaks.

    NB I trust you are given expenses for your commuting (I was when I worked in a split site school); if not leave your car at home and insist that the school provides transport - that, at least, would allow you a brief rest between lessons and pass the responsibility onto your managers.

  4. For one I totally disagree!
    Those who can - Teach!
    Those who are stressed out by teaching and Can't teach shouldn't teach!
    All you are doing is complaining and setting a "I can't do this attitude"! and moaning about your job.
    Should you be paid more money for doing your job? No
    Should you be paid more money for the stress of teaching? No
    If you are unhappy then do something about it!

  5. I take it that 'Schwarms' you have never worked on a split site school - I am currently at one and it is killing me. The staff are generally less supportive, there is no community or team feel amongst morale, the kids have more ownership of the classrooms than the teachers, you are permanently exhausted from travelling and often your break and/ or PPA will involve travelling. Its not the 'teaching' that is exhausting its the travelling, some days I dont get the chance to have a coffee or a toilet break as I am continually driving between sites, it makes marking difficult and planning non-existent during school time. I am relieved that I have been able to find another school to work at and leave this one behind, but I am fearful of the younger colleagues who will leave teaching as a profession thinking that this is how all schools operate.
    I agree we shouldn't be paid more, but a more considerate timetable and supportive attitude from other teachers would help a little in making the workplace one that you want to stay at and develop a career. This is nothing about the stress of teaching but the stress of travelling and I think until people actually experience working on a split site school and travelling between sites at least twice a day they cannot understand the effect that this has on your teaching ability.

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