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Split Entry GCSE for Year 10

Discussion in 'English' started by ceesaw, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. ceesaw

    ceesaw New commenter

    Hi All,

    I am considering whether split entry GCSE is in the best interests of the students (and school data!) and wondered if any of you are entering whole cohorts early at the end of year 10 for either GCSE Language or Literature with the other GCSE at the end of year 11.

    It seems that some schools are going for this while others are steering clear.

    I would welcome any views on this!
  2. MissHallEnglish

    MissHallEnglish Occasional commenter Forum guide and community helper

    We're steering clear with the new specs. Need as much time as possible! Time is short with all the content.
    We teach both simultaneously, rather than Language in one year and Literature in the next. The maturity that develops in our students between Y10 and Y11 could make the difference between one grade and another.
    Personal preference!
  3. amd26

    amd26 New commenter

    We are steering clear for now.

    We used to enter for Language in year 10 and Literature in year 11, we then stopped due to one time entry counting and the fear factor of the new spec is also meaning we hang fire.
  4. akz

    akz New commenter

    I'm considering doing it for top set for the current year 9. Toyed with it for current 10 but felt they weren't strong enough to get good grades.

    I know one school who have gone fill cohort 10 this year at the same time as 11. I feel it is risky without a group already going through.
  5. install

    install Star commenter

    Early entry creates far too much pressure on teachers and only increases their stress levels -sounds like a 'pressure cooker' aporoach to me @ceesaw .
  6. akz

    akz New commenter

    That's why I am trailing it with my Year 9 as a possible approach and not with other groups. I wouldn't like to impose it on someone else unless very tried and tested.

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