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Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by emmysparkle, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. emmysparkle

    emmysparkle New commenter

    How is it handled in your school?
    I teach in primary and today a child spat directly in my face. It went in my eyes and mouth. I was totally shocked. Prior to the spitting I was sworn at repeatedly and had things thrown at me. I'm feeling like I have failed this child because I wasn't able to support him with his feelings and unable to prevent the escalation. We do have many things in place. I'm also scared and anxious that the behaviour will be repeated I worry for the children in my class.
    Last year I had children with various needs and things were regularly thrown, lots of shouting, running etc. I'm not sure I can manage another year of verbal/aggressive behaviour. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post. Any thoughts or suggestions. TIA
  2. patternandsurface

    patternandsurface Occasional commenter

    Spitting can be classed as a form of assault and as a criminal offence.
    I would find out background information on the child and then call home and have a chat with carers/parents and organise for a meeting in which the child is included.
    Obviously check with SLT/headteacher and keep them in the loop or include them in the meeting.

    Sounds like you teach in a tough school - are you being supported?
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  3. mothergoose2013

    mothergoose2013 Occasional commenter

    You could email your senco copying in your line manager and head / behaviour lead. Ask for additional support in managing what is (for mainstream education), an extreme behaviour. Personally I would invite the senco in to observe but I understand that this is not always comfortable. Do you have TA support? Are there social issues that may need support via a CAF or similar?
    This is obviously not good for you, the other kids, or the pupil themselves and it doesn't sound manageable if you are on your own. My experience though is that if you are willing to try and manage it alone you will be left to it.
  4. neddyfonk

    neddyfonk Lead commenter

    Probably not relevant here - but recently there was an interesting tv program about a child that was very aggressive which was a result of being in a constant state of anxiety about almost everything and not trusting anyone.
    On the other hand, spitting at an adult when you do not want them interfering with what you want probably gets the reaction the child wants - being left to do what they want (learnt behaviour).
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