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spicy sweet potato soup recipe? please

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by the apprentice, May 16, 2011.

  1. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Hi ,was wondering if anyone has a good recipe for this soup. i was out today, and had this and it was gorgeous.l normally make red pepper and butternut squash soup which l like but could do with a change!!
    Had a quick look on the net, but l would prefer to use a recipe that someone has recommended....so any tasty recipes please?
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

  3. Start with good stock. I particularly like duck stock but chicken or vegetable is absolutely fine.
    I cut the sweet potatoes into chunks (after peeling!) and fry off with onions and garlic, add half tsp hot smoked paprika, add stock and cook until all veg are soft then blitz.
    A slice of toasted sourdough bread topped with cheese placed on the bottom of the bowl makes this a real ribsticker!
  4. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

  5. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Hi Cosmos, when you say 'good stock', does that mean, something a bit better than 'crumbled oxo' ?
    Don't make my own, so what would be good...thanks
  6. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    Do you think l could use half parsnips and half sweet potato?
  7. Unfortunately yes apprentice! Although you can buy tubs of stock in supermarkets nowadays that are quite good, I believe.
    Stock cubes will of course work, but the flavour is better with proper stock (IMO) Maggi stock cubes are better by far than oxo.
    If you need tips on how to make your own stock you are in the right place [​IMG]
  8. Do you think l could use half parsnips and half sweet potato?

    It wouldn't be my choice apprentice. parsnips have such a distinctive flavour, I think they would swamp the sweet potato
  9. the apprentice

    the apprentice New commenter

    OK!!Will look out for those maggi stock cubes!!LOL...l like to cook ,but tend to stick to what l know, so l will have a go with the sweet potato soup as l bought some today.
    May even push the boat out and make both to see which l like best!!
    Thanks Cosmos...was hoping the weather would mean hot soup would be not needed, but it's cold again!!!
  10. Good luck. I'm sure your soup will be delicious
    PS - if you like goat's cheese, that is really good spread on the crouton!
  11. I've done a sweet potato, red pepper and chilli one before that was quite nice - hubby wasn't as much of a fan so haven't repeated it but I liked it!

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