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Spellings - No nonsense or not?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Jayman, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. ktlouj

    ktlouj New commenter

    We have recently brought into no nonsense programme and are beginning it in September. As English lead (not by choice) I have to deliver training on it. Being and Early Years teacher with very little experience of the new national curriculum, I was just wondering if anyone had delivered in house training on it or what you did when it was introduced in your schools?
  2. Poppychick

    Poppychick New commenter

    We use Read Write Inc. Spelling.

    Huge problems with spelling across school. Current KS2 have not had phonics teaching and we cannot afford to wait for the impact of current 'good' phonics teaching to filter through.

    We are seeing an impact almost one year in. Pupils have made over 1 year of progress in many cases and at least one year in others. Dedicating 20 mins per day in small focused groups has really helped our children. We are not there yet though!
  3. hypestur

    hypestur New commenter

    I'm not sure staff need a great deal of training on how to use the scheme as the books are pretty clear and self explanatory. Maybe give an overview of the different strategies the scheme advocates - drawing around the word, word pyramids etc. You could pick out one of the lessons (perhaps the -ible and -able lesson from Year 5?) and ask them to explore the words for patterns as the lesson suggests. I had no idea that -able words tend to have audible root words until I taught that lesson. It could sell the benefits of following this scheme to staff by showing them the ways in which it provides children with helpful patterns to support their spelling.

    Then it is really a matter of anticipating the types of questions they're likely to have about the scheme and answering them. Questions like do you want teachers to display the strategies in classrooms too? Will you be using spelling journals as the scheme suggests? How do you want the 'Have a Go' sheets to work - out on tables at all times or in spelling journals? When do you want them to be teaching these sessions?

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