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spelling tests for reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Debbie15, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Debbie15

    Debbie15 New commenter

    a family member has contacted me in panic because her 4 year old has returned home from school with a homework book with spellings to be learnt and tested on! We don't do this at our school but wondered how common it was to expect a child so young to do this when barely able to hold a pencil the correct way or be secure in their sounds? Seems like a lot of pressure for such a tiny child.
  2. I teach the equlivient of reception at an international school, and we certainly do not have spelling tests!!! Most of our children still do not know their letter/sounds so we are concentrating on them learning that at the moment!!! Is it a private school? Are the children already expected to know their sounds etc at this school?
  3. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Is she sure he is expected to write them and not just read them?
  4. this was common practise in my school until this year!!! I have moved into reception and its one of
    the things i got rid of first- with the backing of the new head! The previous reception teacher had been there for 17 years and has moved up to year 1/2. She started the year giving out spellings before the head came down on her. I have had parents in asking me why i didnt give out spelling therefore i did a parents meeting on letters and sounds and what they can do at home!
    Unfortunately it looks like schools still give out spellings even as young as 4!!!!
  5. I will admit I have parents asking me forspelling words for the children to learn. We just tell them to concentrate on the letters and sounds and most of them are happy with that!
  6. Debbie15

    Debbie15 New commenter

    yes, they have to be able to spell them! The really sad thing, I think, is that the children who get them right over a couple of weeks will get a certificate given to them. If a child is just not ready, then it's a double failure for them...they get the spellings wrong and no certificate. Too much too young in my opinion.
  7. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    If the facts are complete and correct it doesn't sound too clever. Some children would be able to do this, not all. Also at this stage they are moving towards learning to spell in a "phonically" plausible fashion so they should be rewarded for it being phonically plausible, rather than absolutely "correct".
    How are the tests done?
    I think it's a good idea to be encouraging a little practice at home in some way, but this might be too much too soon, and it doesn't really need to be done in this "test" situation ... it's possibly a bit of a waste of teaching time.
    But for some children it would be fine. I would have been perfectly happy for my child to receive words like cat, dog, cup, hat, and, it, etc etc at the beginning of reception to practise at home a little and have to churn out at school once in a while. There would be no need for a "test" situation though.
    What are the spellings? Do they match up well with the phonics being learned at the moment?

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