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Spelling Scheme KS2?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrsboo, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. mrsboo

    mrsboo New commenter

    What resources do you use to support spelling in your school? Particularly with the older children?

    Have been looking at the whole school picture and, on the whole, our SPAG is pretty tight. It's just spelling where there are clearly some gaps and consistency issues as everyone's muddling through with the new spelling lists. Can anyone recommend an approach or scheme that has worked for your school? (Obviously, Support for Spelling was very helpful and still is to some extent but new curriculum has upped the game for everyone!)

    Thank you!
  2. migratingbird

    migratingbird Occasional commenter

    Google "Words Their Way" - it's an interesting approach where the children "sort" their spelling words without being told what the focus is, so they have to really study the words to spot patterns.
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Haven't heard of that, but I have to say that was always my approach.
    I would provide words and get children to spot differences/ similarities and try to make up a 'rule' for themselves. This is almost certainly what I did as a child and therefore 'remains in memory' as it's 'all my own'. I've found that helps children learn better than just trying to 'remember a rule'- often written by grown ups, and which in English has so many exceptions to most rules that is generally not so helpful.
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  4. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

  5. mrsboo

    mrsboo New commenter

    Thank you for your helpful replies! I agree with your approach, Lara. Have been working on patterns, different approaches (ie, whatever works for that child to learn a spelling!!), mnemonics, etc. There is some improvement but I have a few children that struggle with spellings no matter what we do....it was ever thus! They will be the ones certainly NOT helped by the ramp up of expectation this year!! I am trying to shore up their plummeting confidence before they completely give up to the feeling that 'I'm a bad speller' forever....

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