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Spelling Scheme for whole school - KS1 to KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by RaphKS, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a spelling scheme that runs well through the entirety of Primary years schooling? My school wants to revamp its spelling scheme completely. Any suggestions welcome.
    The scheme based on National Literacy Strategy list at http://www.schoolslinks.co.uk/resources_spelling.htm is good for KS2 but I'd need something that could be started in KS1 and segue into this scheme.
    Is Violet Brand any good?

  2. Thanks Cathy - this looks really interesting! Is this what you use at your school?
  3. Letters and Sounds and Support for Spelling will take you through KS1 and KS2. Children begin on Letters and Sounds for phonics work, then move onto Support for Spelling. We've used both this year with good results.
  4. Ralph - yes we do use it.
    We trialled in in a couple of classes the previous summer to see how manageable it was, then rolled it out...
    Actually, I say "rolled out", but to be honest, people kept asking for copies, so it kind of rolled itself out by popular demand!
    We liked the fact that it linked to L&S and that it followed on from it for KS2.
    We also liked the fact that you had a way of pitching the differentiation at the right levels for the children, irrespective of year group.
    It does not provide you with teaching activities, but it does provide a clear well-organised structure to work from and it certainly saved me hours not having to think of lists of words with particular spelling patterns.
    I ran 5 differentiated spelling groups last year linked to my guided reading/phonics teaching groups - it would not have been possible without the Weekly Spelling Lists resources.
    I basically have a folder with a "pocket" for each group. In that pocket goes a master copy of the Phase sheet they're working from. I date it as we go along, so I know which lists I've given out so far. I also have copies for the children (5 children = 5 sheets) and because of the way the lists are laid out on the sheets I can just "slice off" the next list to give out.
    Year 6 preferred to give out one whole sheet per half term, but I preferred to do it weekly - it gave me the option to continue with a particular spelling pattern for another week if they were finding it hard...
    The KS1 book also includes fold-up mini-books for practicing tricky words etc.
    Not the flashiest product on the market, but we found it very practical and user-friendly!
    C x
  5. Hi.
    We took letters and sounds / high frequency words from L&S and developed our own spelling scheme, this has been good.
    We are now looking for a scheme for KS2.

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