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Spelling???- Head Teacher or Headteacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by louie102, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Just wondered what the correct spelling of headteacher is? Different dictionaries contadict each other!
    Thanks x
  2. Just wondered what the correct spelling of headteacher is? Different dictionaries contadict each other!
    Thanks x
  3. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    I hope someone answers as I'm not sure either! Maybe it's one of those either or things.
  4. I always write Head Teacher, and I've definitely seen that spelling in official documents. I'm sure either is fine, though.

  5. Our Head has Head Teacher on his door but we were told it should be Headteacher on a course I was on.
  6. I would think that 'Head' 'Teacher' is seperate and therefore means 'teacher of Heads' but if its HeadTeacher then it means 'The Headteacher' not sure though!
  7. All those jobs over on the right say "Headteacher" - maybe the TES know the definitive answer.
  8. It is, of course, Head-teacher. ;)

    But the best thing is to see what your "head" has printed on his/her door sign and tell them it's the other one.

    Anyway, if your head-teacher is anything like mine, the teacher suffix is a laugh since he doesn't teach, except when cover gets desperate and then displays a complete inability to teach; moreover he shows little understanding of teaching. Perhaps the correct title would be to remove the "teacher" suffix and add the "dick" prefix.
  9. LOL I'll keep that thought with me forever!!
  10. A few years ago spell checkers used to come up with 'headache' as a suggested alternative... this always used to amuse me. I was a deputy at the time!
  11. davidogorman

    davidogorman New commenter

    Chambers, the most authoritative dictionary of contemporary British English usage, has "head teacher", but makes no mention of "headteacher". The latter is a coinage which owes its existence to the pseudo-leftie bourgeois media, which refuse to use "headmaster" and "headmistress" because they are marked for sex, or, in pseudo-leftie bourgeois media jargon, are not "gender neutral", and not being "gender neutral" is a mortal sin. Schools may have a head boy and a head girl, too, but never a "headboy" or a "headgirl".
  12. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

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