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Spelling and reading age tests - help please?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ilovepens, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Can any suggest good tests that they use as we are looking to begin to do this more regularly?

    Many thanks in advance for your help
  2. Can any suggest good tests that they use as we are looking to begin to do this more regularly?

    Many thanks in advance for your help
  3. As for Reading Tests we use NFER group Reading test (it is done individually) GRT. It is a sentence completion test and gives reading ages etc, but is a good indicator of reading comprehension.
  4. The simplest test to use for spelling is the schonnell graded spelling test. Easy to use and work out a 'spelling' age. Just google for a copy. They also do a very simple reading age test. Old fashioned but a swift yardstick.
  5. Salford sentence test is almost as quick as Schonell and in my opinion a little better..at least they read sentences rather than single words. One of the best is probably the Neale analysis of reading...it tests comprehension too and children read short passages of text. However, it takes a while to get used to it and much longer to administer.
  6. Which test you use depends on why, who and how you want to test. Some tests are for administering to groups others for individuals. Some will give a score and little else, others will give you diagnostic information on what to teach next. Some test single word reading, some sentence completion or text comprehension. If you are wanting to test the effectiveness of a particular approach such as synthetic phonics and a pupils ability to decode then some tests will be unsuitable. Whichever test is used an 'age score' is only a rough guide and this will vary according to the test that is used and the pupils' performance on the day. I do this annually with the SEN pupils I teach, but it is only one part of the assessment that is carried out. Can you say more about the why, who and how?
  7. thanks for help, we assess phonics seperately, reading comprehension using SATs and up until now NFER test.

    Head wants us to have a broad idea of reading / spelling age as part of the information that we already gather.

    We will be testing most children combined with Teacher Assessment using APP for very short term target setting and to inform planning. Its just another statistic to show progress... not sure myself but wanted to see what others used really. Had found Schonell but wasn't sure about it. Also found Burts reading test?

    thanks again
  8. Have a look at SWST ( Single Word Spelling Test) NFER/Nelson for spelling. Has different levels, can be administered to groups and is still diagnostic and will link in to your phonics work. I personally would not use either Burt or Schonell - I use the Suffolk Reading Scale NFER ( sentence completion) as a group test. There is now a computer version of this but I have not tried it yet. I use both of these tests each year and track progress in months gained, comparing spelling to reading. Salford is pretty similar to Suffolk.
  9. What do people think of using Vernon testing for spellings?
  10. nfk


    We have just started using Vernon Spelling as we were advised to. Lots of children have come out below their chronological age and we have quite a few children in Key stage 1 that have scored below age 5. Depressing!
  11. has anyone got a copy of salford reading test?
    many thanks
  12. Obviously made up user - only other post is to products by same company!
  13. toniviz

    toniviz New commenter

    how many errors can children make before they have to stop the vernon spelling test?

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