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Speed camera

Discussion in 'Personal' started by dogcat, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    I have one more month on my 2yr provisional thing on my licence, where you can lose your licence with 6 points.
    Worried about 2 speed cameras I went past back home. They were both those ones on the blue lampost type things. The first one I was doing no more than 35 tops just before I saw it and then slowed down. The second one I think I was doing the right speed.
    There was no flash or anything from either of them, and when I go past the speed things that tell you your speed my speedometer is normally saying 30 and they say 26/27.
    Just worrying in case I lose my licence in the last bloomin month of the 2yrs! My sis did law and seems to think that those ones take your average speed between each pair of them, and anyone I know who has got done has seen it flash.
    Just very very worried!!!

  2. Like these?

    and if you do think you have been over the limit there is a bit of leeway built in to the system - if your speedo says 35 you would be unlucky to be prosecuted (as you were probably only travelling at 32 or so)- though it's not unknown.

    If two weeks pass from now and you haven't heard then you should be OK Read this

  3. Ok, if you slowed down between them and they were the average ones you will be fine. If they were not average and forward facing the flash is infra red so you wouldn't see the flash.
    But, because your speed was only 35mph in a 30 you will also be fine so I wouldn't worry either way :)
    If you were speeding in roadworks though you deserve everything you get (and I'm really not joking [​IMG])
  4. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Nope, no roadworks just normal road.
    Go on holiday in a few days, so hopefully nothing will be waiting for me when I return!
  5. You will be fine, enjoy your hols [​IMG]
  6. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

  7. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Well I have arrived back from my holiday to find no scary letter from the DVLA. Although there is still time!
    Hoping that if something was gonna happen I would know by now, but who knows!
  8. dumpty

    dumpty Lead commenter

    By law you MUST get the NIP (notice of intent to prosecute) within 14 days of the offence and it MUST be sent 1st class post. You have now hit day 14, meaning another 2-3 means you can relax totally. (And even that is allowing for them to take the risk of posting on day 13, which is highly unlikely). Also, as said by others 35mph on your clock was probably 32mph and government guidelines say 10%+2.....35mph before tickets should be issued. These are guidelines and do not have to be adopted, but generally are as doing someone for 31/32 mph is a bit petty, to say the least. You will be fine, I will bet my mortgage on it!
  9. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Thanks dumpty, the day in question was the 21st July, so unless it has to be 14 working days I think I might be ok. Nothing in today's post!
  10. I was done recently and got the letter after 10 days.

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