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Speech and language difficulties.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lizn1, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm an NQT starting in September and I met my class last week. I spent a day with them with their current teacher and spoken briefly and unofficially with her about any 'issues' with the class. I have been told that one of them has 'speech and language' difficulties.
    Will the school provide me with further details about this before September so I can familiarise myself with her needs?
    Also does anyone have any publications/websites that they would recommend for me to have a look at? I'd like to be as well informed asI possibly can.
  2. S&L problems require very tailored and specific support. She may be having therapy either at home or in school. The most important thing you can do in the classroom is repeat back what she has said to model corect speech. I always give my S&L children key vocabulary for our topics in advance so that they can learn the words and begin to understand them at home.
  3. First of all, congratulations on finding a job for September!
    Try asking the teacher / SENCO for a copy of the IEP - that will give you some idea of the targets that she has been set previously so you can get a feel for the difficulties she is facing and the level of tasks / skills she has been working on.
    Find out if the student is statemented, if so get a copy of the statement.
    Why not ask the school if you can have another day in before the end of term and spend more time with the class? It can only help the transition to a new teacher anyway. Try to work with / near the student (do spend time with the others though - you don't want to alienate them before you start!)
    Finally, don't worry! You'll spend the first week of term getting to know all of your students and will have your additional NQT time to plan. Don't feel embarrassed asking staff for help; they would much rather you were proactive.
    Hope this might help...
  4. Thanks for your replies. I am going to be going in this week to observe some other teachers, take my class for a morning, have an official handover meeting etc. I presume they'll be giving me a few bits there.
    I am just concerned that when I was on teaching practice (at another school) I had a child with SEN and found all the paperwork on him quite vague and wasn't given any practical ideas of how to help him in class (I asked the SENCO and the class teacher). Perhaps that was just the school.
    Are there any DfE docments/books that you would recommend? Although I'd probably be better off finding out her specific needs first.
    I'm aware that I will be busy busy busy come September so am trying to prepare myself as much as possible now, getting as well informed as I can be. Lovely class though from what I've seen so far, plus they've had a great teacher this year - I just want to make sure I can continue with a high standard for them.
  5. Try not to worry too much. There is a huge spectrum of s&l problems. They could be incredibly mild (e.g. not pronouncing r properly) and if they are more significant there will be a detailed support program through 1-1 tuition.

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