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specimen papers Edexcel GCSE

Discussion in 'Music' started by timbriggs, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Am I the last person to discover that there are no practice papers available for the new spec course until Pearson gets round to publishing them in Feb 2011?
    Anybody out there fancy cobbling some together then sharing?
    Or is my information wrong?
  2. Am I the last person to discover that there are no practice papers available for the new spec course until Pearson gets round to publishing them in Feb 2011?
    Anybody out there fancy cobbling some together then sharing?
    Or is my information wrong?
  3. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

  4. thank you - I can adapt these I guess and create an exam.. what I am really looking for is the equivalent of the old Peters practice papers ...
  5. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Why would you need to adapt them? As far as I can see, they are each set out as a practice paper ready for use.
  6. There are sample assessment materials to download from the website. www.edexcel.com and then GCSE Music including mark schemes. I would also recommend the Renaissance Recordings materials. Practice questions and complete papers as well. Not too expensive either
  7. Well I haven't seen them. I assume that if they were practice papers with accompanying CD etc the book would be called Practice Papers (as I believe the Peter series was). "Test papers" could be smaller scale and more focused end of unit tests. Amazon are rushing me a copy this morning and I'm sure they will be very useful. The acid test incidentally is if there is an accompanying CD edited for use with the paper. If there isn't, by definition I will have to adapt and create an exam. We have invigilators even for mocks : I can't be in the room let alone deliver the exam.
    By the way I couldn't help noticing yesterday that PE GCSE have the luxury of "additional specimen support material" - ie they have had more than one specimen paper to support the new spec course. Unlike us. Edexcel Music strikes again!! We've already abandoned Edexcel for A level and defected to OCR.
  8. Maybe I am being stupid then. I thought the website one was the same as the specimen sent with the original new spec packs. Shall investigate further. Thanks for the head up on Renaissance.
  9. It could be the same package. I didn't get the original printed one. There is no edited CD with the Edexcel ones, just timings for the original tracks e.g. 0-1'23" and so on.

    The RenRec ones are good. They do have an edited CD or itunes and audio files for some of the packs. There are two sets of practice papers with CD and a resource CDROM with complete papers to print an all the eidted tracks. Well worth the money. Good luck with the revision. H
  10. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    I'm no expert, but I think Peters used the title "Practice Papers" whereas Rhinegold have always used the title "Listening Tests".
    From what I've seen, the latest Rhinegold ones for GCSE are exam-style papers, but you will need to copy the relevant portions of tracks from the Edexcel CD if you are not able to operate the CD player yourself in the mock exam. I can't see any easy answer to this - if Rhinegold had produced a ready-edited CD it would have considerably increased the price, and I could imagine many teachers then complaining about having to pay for tracks that they have already had to purchase from Edexcel.
    I'd also be careful to check that any CDs issued by other publishers actually include the performances on the Edexcel CDs. Otherwise you risk terminally confusing weaker students with later versions of the Handel that include oboes and bassoons, the earlier version of the Mozart that doesn't include clarinets, any of the many versions of the Schoenberg that are differently orchestrated, and so on.
  11. I have used both the Edexcel spec questions and the "Listening Tests". The edexcel one's are great and with marking schemes. The "Listening Tests" I am finding are more difficult and have a different style about them which my students have found confusing. I am starting to get concerned about about students in this listening test. The student books I have found often too difficult but am not sure what level the expectations to be. With so much pressure for results I would like more guidance to what is actually expected for each set work. "Musical Contexts" website is very useful but have only published support for three of the set works. I have written revision sheets for each of the set works (except the African) but again I feel like "it's the blind leading the blind."! I went on an edexcel course last year but felt that the questions I was asking was vaguely answered. Has anyone any advice as to where to go next or how to get more of the edexcel specimen style questions? What they have supplied is just not enough to prepare students for the 12 set works especially the B type questions.
  12. No you're right... I went on the Edexcel courses in November and Jonny Martin - the writer for Edexcel admitted that there is a delay in publishing pratice papers although he did tell us that the date would be January 2011.

    If you're like me - I have now exhausted my listening so cobbling something together sounds a good idea.
  13. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    I feel exactly the same!! It's difficult. My students need constant listening practice as they are all excellent musicians practically but lack the knowledge needed to get top marks in listening.
  14. My comment would be that even when you get the sample assessment material it does not always represent what actuallyhappens in the real exam - either someone else is writing it or they change their minds, but the exam always seems to be significantly different. So I don't set too much store by the sample.
    For my mock I used this:
    I used this paper as a template. I did take the time to copy it out into word and add some questions of my own (more searching ones to be honest). I also wrote a couple of questions about other pieces based on the model - it wasn't difficult to see what they are getting at.
    The timings for the tracks are given in the marks scheme.
    Probably about 90 minutes work excluding making the Cd which I did using Wavelab to cut the extracts out of the tracks and repeat them (I even do littel announcements in my best BBC local radio voice) No Problemo. ; )

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