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Specification accredition

Discussion in 'Science' started by adg-tes, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. adg-tes

    adg-tes New commenter

    Does anyone know when the new AQA GCSE Science specifications will be accredited? Feel like been waiting a lifetime for them!
    Also, does anyone think any BIG changes will change the current draft specs? Eg adding a whole new topic/removing one?
  2. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    The latest news I am aware of is that all boards (not just AQA) have to resubmit their specifications to OfQual by the end of next week. Assuming they have completed the requested changes I would expect approval in May.

    From what each board has said, the only changes are now to assessment rather than content so it is unlikely that the content as published in the draft specifications will change at this point. I do know that the number of required practicals for the AQA specifications has increased as we had our AQA area rep. visit at the beginning of term. Unfortunately, I can not direct to where the changes are on the AQA website as I can't find the info on there myself!
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  3. msuxg

    msuxg New commenter

    You can track the status of the various GCSE specifications here.
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  4. michelleocrscience

    michelleocrscience New commenter

    All boards will have resubmitted everything by the end of next week. We are hopeful that Ofqual turnaround will be quicker this round. Specs won't change massively, it will be in assessment material that you will see the big changes as all the boards assessment material has to reach a certain level of demand and be comparable.

    Our latest versions of our SAMs are put up as soon as we resubmit, so the latest Bio A and B, Chem B and Phys B should be up on the website. The combined science papers and the Chem and Phys A latest submission will be up early next week as they are being resubmitted today.

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