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Specialist schools- the future

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by slick, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. slick

    slick New commenter

    Confused! The specialism is no longer prioritised by government sicne April 2011..... and the funding has gone into the school's whole budget and has not been ring-fenced for specialist work.....
    a) Is the school still obliged to write an action plan in how the specialism will support T & L in the specialist school subject areas? Wider community? Primary schools? Across the curriculum?
    b) What is OfSted's view of specilaisms now in schools? Same expectations or is the EBacc the new agenda?
    c) Does the school need to keep its specialism or can it change its name (back to original?)
    Help.... unsure and floundering.
  2. I was told that now the money is no longer ringfenced that there are no expectations and that I no longer have objectives to achieve. If they are going to take away the money (and use my time for other things - my teaching load will nearly double next year) then it is pretty clear to me that the school has set out its stall and I feel no moral obligation to bust a gut promoting the specialism. This is a shame as we have spent many years building things up and I would like to maintain what I can that doesn't involve huge amounts of money. But without the time it can't be done - I am only human. And I will tell OFSTED that if they have a problem with it.
    PS You can be sure that the logo will still be on the letterhead though!
  3. slick

    slick New commenter

    Many thanks..... we are still to retain some of the money to promote the specialism but this figure is still to be decided.
    Are students still expected to continue with MFL at KS4 or is this no longer compulsory in your school Whyamidoinghthis?
    What about links with primary/secondary schools?
    The local community/ schools have an expectation and this cannot disappear overnight without disappointing lots of people.

  4. We are still keeping languages compulsory at KS4 but all the extras have gone by the wayside including primary. I know that other partners may still have expectations but with no time and no money for us to deliver the goods they will just have to be disappointed along with the rest of us. I won't see a penny of the money again and as I said previously with me having a vastly increased teaching load that's just tough - the school can't have their cake and eat it. Very sad but that's life these days .
  5. slick

    slick New commenter

    Many thanks for your situation... VERY sad epecially after all the work that has been undertaken.
    In theory there is no longer an expectation for students to continue with MFL at KS4 (EBacc supports this but not for all students however).
    What a mess. Be glad when retirement comes..... 20 years off however!

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