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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by pangar, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hallelujah! I finally got to see a senior consultant at an inner London sleep study centre. He put me on a combination of Clonazepam and Melatonin. He also promised to write to my GP with respect to a possible referral to a CBT specialist who is fully au fait with sleep disorders. Unfortunately, my GP has not heard from him since, and the consultation in question was held over a month ago. I also had to go all around the houses to get the Melatonin prescription renewed as my GP has not been contacted about that either.
    I think I have beaten the drum too often about the deficiencies of the NHS (although my stint at the Royal London Hospital a few years back was an eye opener) so I would prefer on this occasion to focus on any feedback from colleagues who have secured CBT from a therapist who is familiar with the vagaries of a diagnosed sleep disorder. Any constructive responses are more than welcome!
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Have you been sleeping better since you started taking the Clonazepam and the Melatonin?
  3. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    I'd also query why you still have sleep issues with that level of medication. CBT will help you to see things in a different way and help you cope more with life.
  4. My guess is that your GP is now searching high and low for the one Specialist CBT Practitioner in Sleep Disorders that there may be in the country.
    CBT therapists do not tend to specialise in this way. They tend to specialise in CBT as an approach, not in specific disorders. Imagine training for years to be a Sleep Disorder CBT therapist, or a Fungal Foot Infection CBT therapist, there could be months between referrals!
    You'll be put in the IAPT system, just like everyone else.
    Having discussed this with you on here before, my guess is the Consultant was willing to say anything to get you out of the door. It would be intriguing to see the referral letter.
    Dear Dr Smith
    Thank-you for referring Pangar, I have told him/her that you will sort out a highly specialised CBT Sleep Disorder therapist.
    Good luck with that,
    Best regards
    Dr Consultant.
  5. Thanks for those constructive comments, they were most welcome.
    The senior sleep study consultant at a respected inner London hospital suggested that he recommend a CBT consultant to my GP, as he is aware of a professional with a proven track record with patients with this sort of complaint. As somebody said, the paperwork is probably wending its way through 'the system' as I write. The next Ice Age might well get here quicker!
    I may have been taking the melatonin incorrectly. In any event, there has now been a gap since I last took it as my GP had no record of my having had it prescribed to me. As of today, I wasted my time in two pharmacies, as this is in short supply if it is stocked at all, which is less than ideal, obviously.
    Curiously, I was meant to have the same surgery that David Milliband underwent a while back for a deviated nasal septum. Although mine is severely deviated, the surgery was unaccountably cancelled at the eleventh hour. Given what I now know about the NHS, I am in two minds as to whether to request that they go ahead with that surgery, not least because I am a middle aged man who is not as fit as he once was.
    I am intrigued that some who have responded to this post have, if it is possible, an even more jaundiced view of the NHS than I do. I fail to understand why a consultant would, of their own volition, make such a suggestion, as the problem will inevitably boomerang to them. Indeed, they have arranged to see me again within a matter of months, which is unusual for them, given my past experiences with them. Perhaps the consultation is a peculiar variant of sado-masochist who deliberately winds up patients and then invites them back in short order to benefit from the resulting diatribe?
  6. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    I believe it was Ed
  7. The Millipedes are a bit like the Dimbleby brothers in that many of us mere mortals mix them up. As it is, I doubt that either of them will ever see the inside of No10 again, unless they are on a day trip.

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