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Special School PSHE lesson observation

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by TeacherJodi, May 25, 2012.

  1. Be careful about taking different foods into school, check if this is ok first, some children have allergies and/or have special diets. Check with the school first. If it is ok for you to use food in your lesson remember to put on your lesson plan that if children put their fingers in their mouth they need to wash their hands before rejoining the group. HIghlight this as something the T.A.'s can support the pupils with on the lesson plan.
    Keep your lesson materials very visual. If you have access to Writing with Symbols, Symwriter or Communicate in Print, use this software to make symbols for children to sort. If you do not have access to software, have lots of simple clear photo's for children to use.
    You could have one group of children sorting used food wrappers into groups e.g. all of the crisp packet, chocolate bar wrappings on one sheet and all of the bread, fruit, yoghurt, crisp bread type wrappings onto another sheet.
    Alternatively, you could design a healthy dinner plate. This would be a very tactile and visual learning activity. If you can get your hands on some toy food to take with you this would be very useful. You could justify on your lesson plan that although toy food is aimed at younger children it would be a useful resource when exploring healthy eating for young people working at this level.
    I would highlight on my lesson plan the cross curricular links with other subjects. In this case you have strong links with Numeracy - using and applying and possibly D.T., Art and Literacy.
    All the best, enjoy and good luck!
  2. Thank you. A lot to think about here. Maybe I'll use food wrappers and pictures rather than foods so as to stay on the safe side.

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