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Special School Leavers assembly - simple goodbye song to sing & sign

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jogr8, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I am looking for a song to sing at our year 6 leavers assembly. The
    song has to be simple enough for special needs children P4 - P8+ and
    ideally I want the children to be able to sign along to the song too
    Thanks in advance
  2. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    To the tune of 'she'll be coming around the mountains when she comes' - We sing
    "come back and see us when you can
    come back and see us when you can
    come back and see us
    come back and see us
    come back and see us when you can"
    It works for us
  3. When I was at school in the UK we used to sing one - and I can't find it online - perhaps someone else can point you in the right direction, but the words were -
    End of the term (echo)
    End of the year (echo)
    It's time, to say, goodbye goodbye goodbye.
    You are moving on,
    Next year you'll be gone
    We'll miss you - you've helped us so,
    We don't want to see you go.

    There are some other verses but I don't remember the words exactly - there are some that the leavers sing, and some that the younger students sing - it works quite well. I also thought the echo in the chorus would work well with your students.

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