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Special needs drama

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by laura_jayne26, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I am going to be teaching drama at a summer camp for children ages 8 -19 years with special needs mainly ADHD, aspergers syndrome, and social and emotional problems.

    Does anyone have any advice or any resources that would be useful? I would be extremely grateful for any help I just want to make sure the kids get the experience they deserve out of my teaching!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you any experience of working through drama with children who have special needs? And are you leading or assisting?
    I have worked with both mainstream and special needs children and there is no way that advice on here will equip you to lead drama sessions with the children you describe. You really need to assist a more experienced practitioner first! (That's the advice part!)
    Best wishes...
  3. Thanks for your reply. I do I work at a college for ages 16 and above assisting with a special needs group doing drama but I will be leading when I go this summer. I am just looking for a rough idea of games to play with them along with what I have already done at the college.
  4. Well I have found that games which include repetition go down well- Mexican clap,Duckduckgoose etc and, if the children don't know each other, starting with a name game every session is a good idea.
  5. MissRobinson4

    MissRobinson4 New commenter

    I teach Drama in an ASD/complex MLD School, I've found it helps if you can record and playback their work. We loved doing our own wild animals film,

    - I started off by playing a traffic lights/remote control game (visual symbols help) to get them used to following my instructions when moving around the room.
    - We then picked our favourite animals and played the games as the animals (don't forget to set ground rules "yes a lion would eat a zebra in the wild, but you are only pretending so you do not need to")
    - Created a storyboard (really simple - tell them a story has 3 parts, beginning/middle/end or in our case escape/journey/arrive)
    - Set the scene and remind them that as animals they will be working together.
    - Let them improvise the beginning (film this)
    - If possible playback what they've improvised (I always ask what did you like and what could you do better)
    - If they want to redo the scene let them otherwise repeat for the middle and end
    - If possible cut their best scenes together to make a short film (depends on time/tech, but is well worth it if you can)

    They enjoyed being wild animals, mainly because they didn't have to be themselves and animals are much easier to understand than people - people are down right confusing!

    Hope this helps!
  6. Is it just you or do you have support in the drama workshops? I teach two very diverse special needs group at year 7 and year 9. I have found that having three short activities at three seperate stations that they rotate works very well but I have two other learning support in those lessons so we can man a station each. My only other advice would be short sharp tasks and definitely start with some Drama games for focus and trust building.
  7. hey if your not finished yet, as summerbrakes just started here in wales.i find that breaking group into 3 teams and having i group act out double words and 2 remeining groups are audience.such as stage/coach,back/stage.and tell quietly group performing words and they have to act out as others guess, but give a time limit before any one shouts out, as they can get right involved with acting out the words. found that more confident help others as, they all have to be innit, and also at end get the groups to go off and have ten mins with fav film or book and have to come back and act out for others and they have to guess what it was, every one joins in and also good to have sum props for folks to use orr ask them to put a song or dancing also, and yes the beggining mid and end is good to make it work, and go around each group and make sure they are grasping it.hope it goes well, any games that worked let me know as have sum lessons meself more to organise over the summer.hopes worthy and enjoyos

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