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Speaking Edxcel moderator

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by vorajeeu, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to some advice on this issue . I am with edxcel exam board and they had an issue with my speaking exam they have discredited all the speaking for all the students in the cohort. Their reasoning is as follows: they said the delivery from the students sounded scripted (they have learnt from memory) and they could also hear shuffling of paper . Based on these 2 points they have discredited the speaking unit. The students and I have written statements but they refuse to acknowledge it which very infuriating

    Any advice, thought, did this happen to anyone else

  2. boingboing07

    boingboing07 New commenter


    Ive not heard of that before! I'm assuming that your cohort lost 30% of their final marks? My best advice is to get your head teacher involved. Can they speak to the exam board on your behalf? You will need to take it as high as possible!
  3. nicktheteacher

    nicktheteacher New commenter

    I have moderated for Edexcel in the past and this is usually a very rare case. We are usually told that there is little that we can do if the recording sound scripted but the shuffling of paper can sometimes prompt it being taken further, especially if it is frequent.

    If a moderator suspects "foul play", then it is forwards to a senior advisor and there is a specific team who deal with these and make a final decision. I would imagine they would need pretty substantial evidence to be able to make this call.

    Get as many people involved as possible. I battled with AQA last year about our coursework marks and in the end got the marks changed. You need to provide as much evidence as possible. Hope this helps.

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