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Speaking and Listening group inspiration needed

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lizzii_2008, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    I'm a teaching in a school Nursery class and I've spent a lot of time putting into place a lot of speaking and listening activities into my classroom because the children really struggled with just sitting still and listening to each other.
    The first thing we did was establish rules for out group time and this consisted of pictures showing what was expected of them. I have also used resources such as a glitter ball (the person holding the ball is the only person can talk, others must listen) or a microphone.
    You could alsl consider introducing a puppet, who might be new to school or new to the country, and therefore the children have to support there new friend. Perhaps showing and talking about where to find things in the classroom, or following instructions, .e.g can you pass me the red crayon etc Then get the children to ask each other to pass them an object. Encourage manners during this time too.
    If children are at the Early stages of leaning English you could consider introducing a picture exchange system, talk about basic routines; morning or night, school routines or family and things that are important to them.
    In terms of games...
    My children love rolling the magic ball to each other and they are now confident in using the full sentence "I am going to roll to...." and they must select a child to roll to. Encourage them to listen carefully or they might miss their name.
    We play Swap Shop whereby I call out 2 children's names and the children have to swap places as quickly as possible.
    We are learning how to play Chinese whispers and would definitely work better in a smaller group. As the children are so young you could select an object so the children could see it and place it into a box and therefore the children have to remember what was in the box and pass it around the circle.
    You could do a lot of describing work to develop and build vocabulary. Perhaps talking about what a particular child looks like, describe the colours on a picture and build up basic vocab.
    Hope some of this helps!
  2. Thanks very much for the replies some really good ideas which I can try with my group , we have PGCE students in at the moment and one of them is working with my group and it gives me some time to put some resources together for small group time so all these ideas are really appreciated thank you everyone [​IMG]
  3. All the above are great also 'talking tubes' available from 'Reflections in Learning' they are a set of plastic tubes with handsets that can be joined in different ways. Also mobile phones to use in role play opportunities. Interviews with a microphone.

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