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Speaking and Listening for a non-fiction unit

Discussion in 'English' started by Jenerena, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. I'm a student teacher and I'm due to teach a non-fiction unit in January called 'Labels, lists and captions' for a R/Y1/Y2 class. My first three lessons will be focused on labels, then two days on lists, then 5 days on captions.The class theme will be 'good health' so I'm thinking of labelling a human body and listing some foods needed for a three-course meal.
    I want my first lesson to be very practical, fun and interactive so I can set them up well for reading/writing labels (through a Talk for Writin) approach but I'm struggling for ideas to support the speaking and listening objectives which would be suitable for such a mixed age class and also be relevant to this unit. I've thought of doing a 'who am I' game for which a child has a label on his back and he has to ask questions such as 'am I a food?' etc but I thought it might be a bit 'closed'.
    Any ideas?

  2. Hi, you're basically focussing on a 'genre'. I have some computer game activities that are suitable at manxman.ch/moodle2
    Asking questions is a great way of focussing on learning language in a particular genre and I've had a lot of success basing lessons on learning 'blocks of meaning' appropriate to the context.
    Although I teach EFL abroad, I think the basic idea is still relevant to L1 activities.

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