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Spanish School trip - Madrid 2015

Discussion in 'School trips' started by rojo4211, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Forres Sandle Manor are using a provider called Learn & Experience for our Year 8 & 9 Spanish trip next summer.

    They offer a Residential 1 week or 2 week programme in Madrid, at a University venue just 20 mins from the city and close to the airport. I know they are looking for another school to participate as we will be there just for one week. They offer a blend of Spanish language-based activities and local excursions in and around Madrid.

    The guy I ve been speaking to is Michael and he is really helpful and adapting to our needs. His email is michael@learnexperience.co.uk in case you are interested for your school.
  2. I just visited their website. There are a couple of companies in Spain offering summer camps for teens to learn Spanish. Some are in Andalusia (Almunecar - it's called CICA, Malaga, etc.). I recently received from Enforex an email, too, that they offer something in combination with football. I'm not teaching Spanish though :-(

    I took lessons with Ailola Madrid a couple of months ago which I could recommend. Their target group aren't teens though. For college and University students (18+) and young adults it's perfect.

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