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Spanish Schemes of Work , and resources - advice

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Persopolis, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Persopolis

    Persopolis New commenter

    Hello all. I am a newly appointed Head of Spanish in a comprehensive school. The school has decided to offer Spanish for the first time. I will be teaching Spanish to GCSE level in two years. I need to come up with a fresh Spanish SOW for June. I am anxious as this is my first post as HOD. The exam board is Edexcel and as far as the textbook is concerned I have quite a few in mind, but I would appreciate your advice too. Does anyone use Listos 3 in conjuction with the Edexcel exam board, or should I go for a different textbook altogether? I have not yet received the Edexcel version of GCSE book, so I can't comment on it. Has anyone out there used or is using it, and what do you think about it? Any other resources t you may think useful other than the standard stuff?Any advice on SOW, textbooks and resources is much appreciated.
    Many thanks

  2. Ask in MFL area.
    Usually text books offer their own schemes of work on disk which you can adapt.
    Have you looked on TES resources MFL to see examples of of languages (Gm Fr It) SOWs I'm sure there are loads there. What applies to one language for content applies to all - you just have to re-jig the grammar coverage and structures covered - I do the same SOWs for the two langauges we teach just adjust grammar and vocab focus (and structure focus if need be ie word order in German)
    The spec is the first place to go to look and see what you need to do so you can build in assessments etc and know topic coverage
    Exam boards also indicate the grammar and vocab that needs to be covered
    Do you offer any other languages in your school? Might be worth putting your heads togther and share practice
    A few concerns - have you not taught GCSE before in any language? Have you had any experience of writing SOWs? How did you manage to teach GCSE previously without some sort of medium/long term plans? It's just about adapting all that really if not start from your own lessons plans and develop a scheme from there.
  3. Persopolis

    Persopolis New commenter

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I do have experience of GCSE teaching in 2 languages, and I have collaborated in writing SOW in the past, but not for GCSE, only KS3. I have obviously followed what the other HOD have given me to use as SOW, but this time I am writing up one from Scratch for the first time, as the language we are going to offfer never existed in the school. I have found a sample version SOW on the internet, so I think that may be a point to start from.


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