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Spanish PE warm ups

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by djpb27, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Greg Horton's 'Active Learning' seminar at a conference last year. In it he showed us how he does PE warm ups in Spanish. Initially he leads it but then pupils could do so.
    Getting the blood moving and pupils active hopefully leading to more engagement and focus.
    I have just written up a draft of spanish imperatives to use for this purpose, but would appreciate if someone could check I haven't made any errors.
    I would also love to hear if other teachers use such techniques? If so, how? And are they useful?
    Caminad - Walk
    Haced jogging - Jog
    Corred - Run
    Saltad (tres veces) - Jump (no of times)
    Saltad con el pie izquierda - Hop on left foot
    Saltad con el pie derecha - Hop on right foot
    Tocad la cabeza - Touch your head
    Tocad los hombros - Touch your shoulders
    Tocad el pie izquierda - Touch your left foot
    Tocad el pie derecha - Touch your right foot
    Tocad la nariz - Touch your nose
    Tocad el pie izquierda con el mano derecha - Touch your left foot with your right hand
    Abrid las caderas - Open your hips
    levantad los pies atrás - Lift feet behind
    Levantas los pies adelante - Lift feet infront
    Tocad los dedos - touch your toes
    Haced un salto estrella - do a starjump
    Dad cinco - give five
    Bailad el twist - Dance the twist
    Estirad los hombros - Stretch the shoulders
  2. Be careful with your adjectives and nouns
    Also I would add up 'hacia' in front of 'adelante, atrás'
  3. Sorry my quotes have come up very messy. The last comment I wanted to tell you was careful with m'mano' it is feminine 'la mano'.
    Hope it helps you.
  4. Thanks a lot for your comments.
    Geekie do you think it would be suitable with KS3/4?

  5. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

    I think you would have to pick wisely, and according to your class. I've had some Y11s who love silly stuff, but others who would look down their nose at it.

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