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Spanish January Higher Reading 2011 AQA

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by rollonjune, May 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone used this as a last practice before next week. Some of mine found it extremely tricky and difficult. Im glad i have done it with them as there are so many traps and although they have been fine on other past papers, some found this extremely challenging in comparison. Will have a last talk through the question types this week with them but just wondering what the general feeling on it was. I used the 2010 grade boundaries and some went down by whole grafes ......argghhhhh
  2. grafes= grades btw:)
  3. There are grade boundaries specifically for the Jan 2011 paper.
    French A* 34/A 30/B 26/C 22
    German A* 33/A/A 27/B 21/C 16
    Spanish A* 29/A 24/B 19/C 14
    They are similar to 2010 though!

  4. thanks- that make things more or less as i expected. There is a big difference between marks on the Spanish paper. last year was 31- A* 27-A 23-B 19-C
    Relief is not the word!!!


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