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Spanish International schools and Europe in general.

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jessjaw, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. jessjaw

    jessjaw New commenter

    I'm a primary school teacher with 5 years experience. I'm looking to move to an international school and have a particular interest in Spain (although am completely open to options across Europe). I have heard a few horror stories about particular schools in Spain, and am wary of believing websites because of these, thus I have a few questions:
    • How can you tell the quality of an international school in Europe?
    • Is there an OFSTED or ISI equivalent?
    • What is a typical package in Spain, or any other European destination?
    • Do you know of any European schools who provide or supplement accommodation?
    • Are there any signs which may alert me to a dodgy school/employer?
    • If anyone has positive or negative stories about schools in Europe, please could you message me?
    Please share your wisdom and experiences - its a big move so I need all the help available!
  2. ElH


    Concur with everything said by the previous post, though I have yet to find a school in Spain which offers accomodation packages. I worked in schools in Catalonia and Canarias, one at the chalkface, the other in a management role. In both cases the children were great, and mostly made up for other shortcomings. You will not get rich on the salaries paid in Spain, and in both schools there were major issues involving conflict between the schools' owners and those managing the teachers and curriculum. From there, I moved to the Middle East, where I was paid (a lot) more and was provided (free) with an apartment bigger than the house I had bought in Spain, along with other allowances. I wish I had gone there first!

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