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Spanish GCSE WJEC 2012

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by santovety, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Is anybody out there unhappu with the WJEC controlled writing grades for Spanish? Some of my students got between 15-20 points less than I would have given them. Also a student whose pieces were very poor and hardly legible got almost the same points as a C candidate? I do not understand what has happened and I want them remarked. Does anybody know if it is possible and if it will make a difference to appeal?
  2. Sorry not my subject, however you can have the scripts remarked. Pupils will get the grade that the remarker gives as it normally done by the principal examniner or a team leader. You will have to pay for the remarks though this fee is refunded if the marks are altered. Get the request in for a remark done via your exams officer as there is only a very small time frame in which to get this done.
  3. Yes! Our written grades were also very iffy. We are going to get a few remarked and see what happens. If they go up then I will get on the phone to the board and see what they have to say.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I contacted WJEC and they told me the remarks are £35 per student and if they find out that 8 students (out of 17) have been marked down, they will refund the fees and mark the whole group again. There is still hope before I meet my Head in late September!!!
  5. Yes we are very unhappy with our writing marks with a lot of students dropping 2 grades from our predictions and some being completely spot on. We had amazing results last year (too good almost!!!) and this has just pulled the rug from underneath us. Have sent some scripts to be remarked so fingers crossed we get some answers. Feel for the pupils myself as it isn't fair to be punishing them.

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