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Spanish GCSE in 2 years - schemes of work

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by laumit83, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. debpalmas

    debpalmas New commenter

    Hi germanland, I don't know if you are still sending the SOW or it is too late.I teach mixed ability groups and my results are nowhere as good as yours. I would like to check out your SOW to see how you do it. Thanks in advance.
    email: debpalmas@hotmail.com
  2. Hi germanlad,
    I hope you still use this site. Please could you forward me a SOW for Spanish as I have been approached by a parent to teach her son Spanish in one year. Any book for recommendation? I tend to use Listos but I don't know whether it is suitable for a one-year course.

    Many thanks
  3. matador

    matador New commenter

    please could i have a copy too - thanks
    my e-mail is kevorok@yahoo.com
  4. Hi Germanlad,
    Could I request a copy too please. My address is tbrod15@yahoo.co.uk.
    Many thanks
  5. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    Its not difficult to knock out a SOW of your own ... is it?
  6. Hello!
    I am very impressed with your results. Would it be possible for me to have your Scheme of Work too? I am teaching GCSE in one year too.
    Many thanks :)
  7. hi there,

    I too will be teaching GCSE from scratch in two years, and would really appreciate if you were able to send me your SOW. Keep up the good work!

    thanks a lot,
  8. hi there,

    I too will be teaching GCSE from scratch in two years, and would really appreciate if you were able to send me your SOW. Keep up the good work!
    thanks a lot,
  9. This would be very interesting to have a look at if you are still sharing it!


    Thanks in advance
  10. Hi,
    I know your post is 4 years old, but if you still have this scheme of work could you possibly email it to me (rbee@bolsover.derbyshire.sch.uk)? I have been asked to teach a fast-track Spanish course for 2 hours a week over 2 years from scratch to GCSE. We work from Edexcel, but it still might help as I have never done anything like this before.
  11. Persopolis

    Persopolis New commenter

    Hi Gemanlad,

    This is my e-mail which I forgot previously to add on. I would very much appreciate if you could e-mail me the SOW you use in a year.
    Many thanks
  12. Would it be possible to send me the scheme of work? I am the only Spanish specialist in the school but I have only just finished my NQT year. The turn out for Spanish is high but they don't know much!

    Email: tulliewullie@gmail.com
  13. Hi all, I am hoping to introduce Spanish in two years in my school from September and just found this thread. I was wondering if anybody would still be willing to share any SOW they might have? I have decided to use Mira GCSE higher as I loved it last year but I have never taught over two years only so I would really appreciate any help you might be able to give me. Merci beaucoup/ muchas gracias.

    Email address is: svenf.g.englar@gmail.com
  14. Hi, I too will be teaching Spanish GCSE in 2 years, and would REALLY appreciate a scheme of work if anyone would be willing to share theirs? Any help that anyone could give would be extremely appreciated! My email address is helen_brown21@hotmail.com.

  15. dirue

    dirue New commenter

    Hello, I am aware that I am writing this a bit too late, but in case you read this, I would feel so grateful to receive your SOW. I will be teaching Spanish, next year, and my school, an international one, didn't design the program yet.
    Muchisimas gracias
  16. pascuam49

    pascuam49 New commenter

    Not sure how much curriculum time you have over these two years. My students (mostly high ability) have 3 hours a week and use Espanol Mundial 1 the first year (with lots of additional grammar and vocabulary sheets) and Mira GCSE Higher for the second. It works very well regarding CIE results. My SOW relies very heavily on these two textbooks.
  17. jkhanom

    jkhanom New commenter

    I have a SOW I am using for both ab initio Spanish and IGCSE edexcel-both done in two years from scratch. Can I e mail it to anyone who has more experience for tweaks or suggestions?
  18. yolandagar

    yolandagar New commenter

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