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Spanish GCSE in 2 years - schemes of work

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by laumit83, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. sun5hine

    sun5hine New commenter

    Hi Germanlad - i know this is cheeky of me but please could i have a copy of your sow as well. the school is introducing spanish from september. if i can help you, please ask. thanks

    bibsam at hotmail dot co dot uk
  2. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but our Spanish teacher is leaving and I don't think has actually written a SOW - it's all been "in the head"! As I will have to brief probably a supply teacher for next term it would be great to have something to go by/have a look through...... I have very rusty Spanish O Level and don't teach it myself!
    Thank you SO much in advance!
    S :)
  3. Germanlad, would be grateful if you could email me your 1yr scheme of work:


  4. Hello!
    I'm jumping on the band wagon... Any chance of receiving the 1yr SoW please?
    My e-mail is pingupoo@googlemail.com
    Thank you!
  5. Hi Germanlad

    If there is any chance you could send me that SOW I would appreciate it - I have some things I can send you first if you sned me an email.

    Many thanks

  6. Really would appreciate any help towards SOW. Having to beef up Spanish to prove to SMT I am capable of introducing GSCSE. Cheers.


  7. Hi there SmellyEl and germanlad - sorry to ask but would you both mind letting me see your schemes of work also, please??

    My email is onewelshguy@hotmail.co.uk

  8. SmellyEl and Germanlad - could I ask a big favour and ask for a copy of your schemes of work too, as this is something we are planning to introduce at our school very soon.



  9. Hi everybody!

    Could anyone of you send me those SOW? Just finished my teacher training in Spain and I'm quite lost about how things work in England.


    Muchas gracias!

  10. would it be possible for you to email me the schemes of work as well

    my address is sticuquejo@yahoo.co.uk
  11. Hi there - sorry to beg but I am about to start teaching Spanish as well and not done it before. Please could I also have a copy of the scheme of work?? Thanks

  12. HI

    I haven't been around much lately - 2 weeks in Florida for Easter then I spent the next 2 wks recovering from all the theme parks.

    I will email all of you tomorrow as the work is in school

  13. Hi Germanlad!

    Please can you send me a copy of your scheme of work too?

    Many Thanks

  14. Was doing a search on ideas for GCSE Spanish in 2 years. Am I too late to ask for a copy of SoW from german lad and SmellyEl?? My e-mail is:
    Thank you!
  15. I was just about to put a message on when I found this thread. I'm teaching GCSE in 3 years (9-11). We're just about to start with LIstos 3 for the first time in September and I was going to ask if anyone had a scheme of work for this. I've looked through the book and noticed in the first unit that it covers self and family, house and home and town. A bit ambitious I think for my students who have only done one year of Spanish so far. Any suggestions? Any schemes of work? Could I request the scheme of work that everyone has already been asking for.
  16. Hello,
    I know this is probably far too late but I've just found out I'm introducing 2-year fast-track GSCE Spanish next year - is there any chance at all that someone could send me a copy of the 2-year SoW? Having read this I've now definitely decided to go for Listos 3, hurrah at least it's one decision made, but I'm still finding the whole prospect a little daunting and would be really grateful!
    Many thanks,

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