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Spanish Exchange/Pen friend Programme

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mtds, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Any ideas on finding Schools in Spain interesting in Exhange/ or Pen Friend programmes?I Have been working as a Spanish teacher in a School for a year now. The previous Spanish teacher did not run any exchange programme and I am a bit lost about where should I look.
  2. For pen friends you could try www.epals.com . I haven't signed up yet but the site was recommended by a colleague who said it is very simple to use.
  3. Langwitch

    Langwitch New commenter

    you could also try eTwinning. It's free and very easy to use. Once you set up a project you get a VLE type area to share work, should you choose. You can also set up email addresses for pupils or even use "Snail Mail" as well.

    www.etwinning.net is the URL

  4. I am interested!!!! I am the coordinator of a bilingual programme in Madrid. I have already sent you a private message.
  5. tlhow

    tlhow New commenter

    I would also be interested in finding a Spanish school for pen pals / possibly exchange. I am from a school in Bristol currently teaching Spanish to year 7 and next year to year's 7, 8 and 10!!

    I'll try epals but if there is anyone on here who we could link up with that would be great!
  6. Hi,

    If you are interested in another school or know anyone else in madrid would be great,

    Many thanks


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