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Spanish/English Summer Camps and Trips to Spain

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by PaulCT04, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone. I am an English teacher working in Spain and every year we run Summer Camps for our Spanish students (ages 6-18 but different camps) due to the long summer holidays we get here (June to September) and the urge to learn English.

    Due to the increasing cost for Spanish students to travel abroad I am trying to organise a program where English students would come to Spain to participate in a ten day camp in order to improve their Spanish and visit Spain.

    The idea is that the Spanish students and English students mix and they enjoy language activities in both Spanish and English to improve both languages and enjoy a variety of outdoor sports and explore the south of Spain.

    This is an overview of my current project and I am interested in hearing from anyone who would like to involve their students so we can tailor the project accordingly.

    I am also interested in hearing from anyone with different ideas.

    Hope the weather is good in England :) That´s one thing I don´t miss :)
  2. This is something I'd be interested in for my Y9 and Y10 groups.

    Could you give me more info - location, dates etc?
  3. clmgodders

    clmgodders New commenter

    I am looking for a trip/course for my 11 year olds in Spain. More details please.

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