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Spanish Edexcel Listening

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mpc, May 21, 2012.

  1. mpc


    I thought it was really tough.
    My students are really good at listening - last question more akin to an AS in content?
  2. mpc


    Sorry - pressed button too early - I'm relying on Edexcel to shift boundaries accordingly - they're normally very good at doing that.
  3. My (Higher) students also found it really difficult and came out feeling really down hearted. Even though they made it clear as to which questions the dialogue referred to it was still confusing with so much extra dialogue than they needed. I know it's a Higher paper and they aren't listening out for one key word as they do in Foundation but still! The last question was terrible in my opinion and i struggled to pick out a couple of bits! Did anyone think it was faster than in previous years?
  4. Herringthecat

    Herringthecat New commenter


    I took this paper as I'm doing Spanish GCSE this year. I thought it was simpler than the (single!) practice paper I did, which was last year's one. I wasn't expecting to get 40 out of 40... there were definitely one or two questions which were a little obtuse ,and I couldn't quite work out the logic of them! But of course I'm not a typical student.
    Just reading to go now...
  5. trinbag

    trinbag New commenter

    My lot needed a big pep talk following the exam - its such a shame when hard working, able students are completely demoralised by an unfair exam.

    It was considerably harder than last year's paper, and considerably harder than the French Higher Listening last week.

    I am so fed up of the difference in difficulty between the different languages. There is no reason why the Spanish should be harder than the French, or why the Italian should be harder than the Spanish. When pressed on this issue last year, a representative from AQA answered that it was because more native speakers take Spanish and Italian!
    Well, that's going to increase MFL uptake isn't it!
    And there I was thinking that if a candidate reached a certain level, they would be awarded the grade they deserved...

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