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Spanish day-yr2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by funambule, May 21, 2008.

  1. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    I was sent this message yesterday.
    May be useful:
    Spanish food competition
    The Consejería de Educación website is currently promoting a Foods from Spain competition for primary schools. Organised by the Spanish Embassy and Foods from Spain, the competition asks primary children, in classes, to produce a collage representing the themes of healthy eating, fruit and vegetables and Spain. For more details please visit the Consejería de Educación homepage to access the link http://www.mepsyd.es/exterior/uk/es/home/index.shtml

  2. teresa35

    teresa35 New commenter

    I don't know if this is any help but Dora the Explorer on nick Junior is always great for spanish. They have interactive games on that site and you could have this as one of teh activities on teh computer if you were having a mixture of activities
  3. teresa35

    teresa35 New commenter

    the and sorry about lack of capitals!
  4. Spanish food - paella, torte patata (spanish omlette - potatoes, onion and eggs), chorizo, calamares, olives, seville oranges... etc ...

    (Could I just ask why you're making hats??)

    Locate spain on a map/colour and label
    Colour flag of Spain
    Learn spanish phrases - children could write them for handwriting??



    Could you look at a Spanish artist and their work like PICASSO, GAUDI, DALI etc ... and the kids try to make a similar piece of work?
  5. Thanks so much for all your help so far. The hats are those large hats that they wear over there, but I can't just think of the name. I will get back to you when I can think of it.

    I will start looking at those websites, thanks again.

    Just thought hats are called sombreros! How on earth do I make a template tho??????
  6. perhaps a cone in the middle but cut off the point so its more rounded ... then a ring of card attached around it????
  7. We had our Spanish day yesterday. It was whole school but activities we did:

    Football matches
    Spanish dancing - this was v. successful
    Made Sangria and Gazpacho *sp*
    Made flowers for girls hair and matador hats for boys (the hats are easy to do)
    Made and decorated Spanish guitars and fans
    Spanish art - our early years unit collaged a flamenco dancer
    Pinatas (another v. successful activity!)
    Flag making
    Spanish games on Education City

    Highlight of the day was the bull chasing - a member of staff dressed up as a bull and chased the children on the school field. They literally couldn't contain themselves - it was hilarious.

    All children and staff dressed up in red and yellow, or Spanish dress.

    All good fun :)
  8. Wow sunshine sally that sounds fab. How did you do the hats and do you have the recipe for the cooking that you did. How did you make the flowers

    Thanks for the great ideas
  9. Those things sound fantastic! We doing international week soon at my school and im choosing Spain as my country in yr2, it would be fantastic to know how you make the guitars/hats, the kids in my class would love them! :)
  10. Flowers are dead easy - just cut six circles of crepe paper and squash together in the middle. Pierce the middle and thread a pipe cleaner through and wrap around tightly to secure. Bob's your uncle.

    The hats, we just cut out of black paper two 'hat' shapes and glued the two ends together. The boys made two flowers and before the ends were glued we made holes in one side of the hat and threaded the pipe cleaners through and then glued up so the ends were hidden.

    Guitars - simple guitar shape they then decorated. Didn't see the fans but imagine they were like your average homemade consatina fan, just decorated.

    I don't have the recipe for the soup but I'm sure you would find it on the net. Staff who were brave enough to try the soup said it was foul, but the children seemed to enjoy it :p

    Hope this helps!
  11. thats fantastic thankyou! :)
  12. Thanks that is great, I am collecting things as we speak.
  13. Sounds like great fun, can you just make sure children are aware that sombreros as you know them (yes, those big, conical wide-brimmed ones with the braid etc.)are more Mexican than from Spain. Only tourists wear them in Spain and I've only ever seen them in tourist resorts. I know it's difficult to show unique things about a culture without perpetuating stereotypes.

    not wanting to be a partypooper...

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