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Spanish Certificate of Good Conduct- Certificado de Antecedentes Penales - HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by slab28, May 28, 2011.

  1. slab28

    slab28 New commenter

    First of all, hello! I'll also be starting my PGCE at Oxford in September, but I'll be doing RE.
    I also had to track down foreign CRB equivalent checks, but unfortunately I can't help you with Spain specifically. What I can suggest from experience, however, is that you call directly the agency providing the background check (in this case the Ministerio de Justicia). I know I became all flustered trying to follow all the instructions given on the consulate websites of the two countries, but when I called them with my questions it turned out that I was getting all panicked over nothing. One consulate told me things like, "No, contrary to what the website says, you do not need an apostille." And the Israelis yelled at me in Hebrew for being an idiot and making things more complicated than they had to be. It was a little awful, but it ended up making my life a lot easier than I had been making it.

    Anyway, sorry if that's useless advice or you've already tried it without success. Good luck with dealing with them, and I guess I'll probably see you around in September!

  2. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    Apostilisation (Spell??) is basically a notary republic for something that has already been notarised... It's notarising the notarisation. Yay bureaucracy!
    Sorry, I don't know anything about the Spanish situation. It might be worth the trouble of contacting them and asking specifically what they need. I had to do this with the Russians and it actually saved me a lot of hassle, even though it was a huge hassle in itself to get ahold of someone to speak to. Good luck!
  3. Oh my goodness - notarising the notarisation - sounds pointless!! I think (hope) that I now understand what to do. I will go to the Consulate in London and they will certify my passport copy in Spanish for me. I will compose another letter in Spanish, explaining everything and giving dates of when I lived en Espana etc. and I will fill out the form 790. I will then pay 3.54 euros by bank transfer and get a receipt. Then, I'll send it all off, by the most fast and secure post possible to the Ministry of Justice.

    As for apostilisation (no idea how it's spelt!) there's a part of the form that asks if it needs to 'have effect' outside of spain and in which country. I'm hoping that if I fill this part in and explain in my letter that they will apostille it there and then. However the certificate will expire before I even start the course anyway (they only last 3 months) so it's all totally daft but I'm hoping that if Oxford see it and make note of it, that'll be enough. It's not like I can go back in the past and commit crimes in Spain 3 years ago and I can't be getting a new certificate every 3 months as a PGCE student and teacher either!

    As for phoning them directly, I've done this now and it was pretty useful. Should've done it ages ago really. Oh well, I'm an idiot. Thanks for the advice guys! :)
  4. Hi, I need to get this certificate done too. Can Lauzb tell me if you had to make an appointment at the Spanish consulate in London before getting your passport photocopy certified? I'm also not sure what to put in the boxes on the 790 where it asked for DNI and NIF. I only have a residence number? Lauzb where you successful in getting the certificate? How long did it take? Thanks for any help
  5. Hi Lauzb!

    I am now in exactly the same predicament! I'm doing Spanish with French at Bristol, getting the French Certificate of Conduct was very easy, getting the Spanish one is proving ridiculous, and no one with any authority seems to be able to tell me what to do! I too am quite tempted just to go to Madrid, but the flight is over £200 so that's not really an option!

    Does anyone have any idea of how long this takes to process?!


  6. Hey guys I went through this process in January and it is a lot simpler than it seems. Just do what Lauzb did and get it certified at the Post Office. This was all I needed after I spent a fortune on phone bills to the Ministry of Justice in Madrid. Basically if the Post Office certification is enough for a CRB check here (which it is) then they will accept it. I sent mine off with the application and got my certificate two weeks later. Good luck!

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