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Spanish Certificado de Antecedentes Penales- MFL PGCEers, HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by nikkisab, May 28, 2011.

  1. While I don't actually know about your specific issue I would look around for a Notary Public local to you, many solicitors firms have one qualified in their branch, and he/she will be able to certify any docs, explain what you need to do next and probably liaise with the ministerio de justicia for a small fee (less than a trip to Madrid!)
  2. I think the problem may be that the certification needs to be written in Spanish so that's why I may do it at the Consulate.
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I am going to the consulate tomorrow to have my passport copy certified. I will then pay the 3.54 euros via bank transfer and send off the receipt, the certified passport copy and the form 790, with a letter to explain it all. There is a space on the form 790 which asks you if it needs to have effect abroad, ie. be apostilled, so I'm hoping that if I explain in my letter and write it on the form that they'll do this automatically at the same time! It will have expired by the time I start my PGCE, which is totally daft, but Oxford want to see it ASAP so I suppose they'll look at it, make note of it and that'll be enough. Pointless bureaucracy without a doubt!!
  4. BigFrankEM

    BigFrankEM Occasional commenter

    I note that you haven´t responded to a couple of the suggestions above about enlisting the help of the University in deciding how to tackle the bureaucracy. Am I being too cynical if I question whether Oxford still "doesn´t do" talking to students ?

    You say you are going to the Spanish Consulate in London tomorrow. Hopefully they will see you fine. But should they be in any way less than helpful,what about the Agregado educacional which used to be in Peel Street I think (speaking from distant memory; do check the address out) which might be able to help you. Very much might and depending on the whim of the person(s) there. Not do the job for you necessarily as I feel sure they don´t have a wad of penales sitting on the desk [though you never know "in" Spain] but help to steer you along the right track.

    Instituto Cervantes is much more a quango than a govt dept (which the Agregado is) but if you are really really stuck for help and with time on your hands you might want to approach them; though only as a last resort.

    The story a couple of posts up of the person in Spain where they said "although if you sit tight till the boss finishes his important meeting/ aka elevenses then we can cut through the **** and do it for you on the spot" rang a whole peal of bells.

    In the context you describe, I suggest that the Hague apostilles have to all intents and purposes been put out to grass in 27 countries by the the signing of the various EU treaties and conventions so that is one issue you might well be able to by pass. (All it amounts to is a certificate to say that the original certificate to which it is attatched is the real mcCoy.)

    Suerte !. With Spanish bureaucracy you´ll need it.
  5. Hi there!
    I wonder if you could help me? I too have to apply for the spanish police record check. I´ve tried phoning the spanish consulate in london to see if I need an appointment and keep getting no answer. Did you have an appointment or just turn up? Also on the 790 form it asks for an N.I.F number and a DNI number. I only have an N.I.E number, where would this go? Also does it only last for three months?
    Thanks for any help you can give
  6. I needed mine from Spain, and fortunately for me my sister did it for me. The only problem is the "compulsa" which is really just a stamp that confirms that a real person has seen the real document and the photocopy and they are identical. Of course, in Spain it is really easy to get, just going into any local government office, if you don´t have a friend who can do it for you in Spain, well, the easiest thing would be to go to the closest embassy which I suppose is London, there used to be a consulate in Manchester but it´s closed.
    The "Apostilla de la Haya" is a stamp that allows official documents to be transferable and usable across the EU. I think you have to ask for it when you ask for the certificate, just by saying that you are going to use it abroad. However, if they forget or for some reason it doesn´t get done I very much doubt that it will cause any problem. I don´t think the secretaries at the university will care or will know. How many years has the QTS being transferable to people with Spanish "CAP" and I still get very ignorant comments from even Headmasters asking if my QTS is a "real one", even when I explain the fact that because of the EU and all the changes all degrees are equivalent, blah-di-blah, they still look as if I was trying to con them, which makes me wonder if they have shut themselves from the world in the last 20 years and if people like that should really be in a position to be "educating the youth".
  7. Please can you let me know how your sister did it? I was thinking I would have to go to the consulate in London, but don't know if I need an appointment. I also travel to Tenerife farely regually so if it's easier to do there that would be great.
  8. Hi, sorry, I just saw you message. I forget exactly, but I will ask her tomorrow and let you know.
  9. Actually, I think what I did in the end was to pay the "tasas", fill in the document and I sent the form with my DNI to my sister in Madrid. Once you have the "real" DNI you don´t need a copy.
    However, check at the embassy in London. I don´t live in London and whenever I need to do something official I just send the document through registered post "signed for" and include a paid for envelope that you can buy at any Royal Mail office. Even when I have to send my passport or any other original documents as long as I send the paid for envelope I get them back safely.

    These were my instructions in 2008:
    2.- la forma más cómoda es pedir el certificado en tu consulado ya que, para pagártelo aquí en España necesitaríamos un poder notarial tuyo y el d.n.i. compulsado (complicadisimo)

    3.- bajate el impreso lo rellenas y pagas las tasas con un banco colaborador del mºhacienda en el extranjero

    · 4.- Impreso Model 790 de Tasas Administrativas que se podrá obtener a través de internet en la página Web del Ministerio de Justicia (http://www.mjusticia.es/ ), y que tendrá que liquidar en cualquier entidad bancaria española colaboradora del Ministerio de Hacienda que tenga sucursal en su país, o realizar una transferencia de la tasa correspondiente a la cuenta restringida del Ministerio de Justicia:
    NÚMERO DE CUENTA: 0182-2370-42-0208000060
    TITULAR DE LA CUENTA: Ministerio de Justicia - Cuenta Restringida Recaudación Tasas Extranjero
    IBAN o Código Internacional de Cuenta Bancaria:
    IBAN ES62 0182 2370 4202 0800 0060
    Código de Identificación Bancario (BIC) del BBVA:
  10. Thanks for your reply. For the DNI, did you mean your passport or your residencia?
  11. Hi there
    I too am in the same boat. I do hope you've managed to get yours sorted out by visitng the Consulate. I live in Plymouth so really don't want the expense of going all that way!
    I have just obtained a copy of my passport, certified by an ordinary solicitor for £10 (a notary wanted £125!) and am now posting it to FCO with £30 fee to have it legalised. Hopefully I can then send this to Ministry of Justice in Madrid with the form 790 and receive a reply. I am VERY concerned that despite their assurances of a 10-day turn around, it will disappear into a black hole - probably to meet up with your previous attempts!
    The only part of the form that still remains a bit of a grey area to me is the bit to have te certificate legalised. Can I ask what reason you put in that section and what you put in the 'authority' box. What sort of authority are they referring to?
    If my attempt by post desn't work I think the cheapest & quickest way is going to be to hop on a plane to Madrid and do it in person - what a phaffing load of nonsence! There's no reason why I would be on Santa's naughty list but if there were, all the blooming CRB check would do is prove I haven't been caught ... sorry, rant over :)
  12. I'm REALLY confused about how to pay the tasa on this. I'm in the UK. Supposed to pay at a 'entitad colaborativo' or something. WIll my local (UK) Santander branch do?? Got the NIE copy at least. If anyone has experience of paying for the Spanish CRB check FROM the UK, please advise.
  13. Hey guys I have a question.what address d u put on this form?i lived at 2 adresses in Madrid, never changed the address on the nie as it wasn't a problem. Left spain 6 mnths ago and now im in Madrid and want to get this certifications. Do i put my UK address or does it matter at all?any help will be appreciated-going there tomorrow

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