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Spain.... yes I know

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by sah79, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. sah79

    sah79 Occasional commenter

    I have read the posts on Spain, and it's not my choice to go, but my boyfriend is Spanish and needs to return to Madrid. I am a primary music specialist, with many years of experience, but a PGCEi not QTS and I have one child.

    Can anyone give me a realistic idea of what on earth my chances are of finding a position and what the package might be - it seems like there are maybe around 20 international schools (compared to my current city which has around 300 and only requires a degree in order to get a work permit)

    PM if it is easier

    Thank you so much to anyone who is able to offer specific advice in this situation!
  2. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    Circulate your CV and letter of enquiry to all the international and quasi-international schools in Madrid.
  3. Jeremyinspain

    Jeremyinspain Occasional commenter

    I've started a conversation/sent a PM. Mucha suerte.
  4. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    You have a good chance of getting a job but not in a good school unless you have QTS. There are more than 20 international schools so that wont be a problem.

    In terms of packages, anything between 1100 Euros - 1600 Euros after tax with PGCEi only. No accommodation or bills included. If you dont have rent then amazing and go for it as you will bypass having to pay around 600 Euros for rent. I hope it goes well for you.

    If your boyfriend is Spanish then it is very different for you and disregard the negative comments about moving there. I assume he has family and accommodation so that would definitely help with the salaries you would get there.
  5. sah79

    sah79 Occasional commenter

    Thanks truth seeker, yes accomodation will be less problematic I hope but good to have an idea of what sort of package I would be looking at. Would my child have a free place at a school I teach in or is that not standard there?
  6. lottee1000

    lottee1000 Occasional commenter

    Free schooling is pretty standard in Spain, I don'r know of a school that doesn't offer it.
  7. miketribe

    miketribe Occasional commenter

    It really depends on what vacancies there are for primary music teachers when you want to come. As you can imagine, there aren't that many! There are lots and lots of "international" or "bi-lingual" schools in Madrid and the surrounding area, but primary music teachers are often local hires which also reduces your pool of jobs. How flexible are you? Would you consider a job as teacher's aide while you're looking for something better? I wouldn't worry too much about your qualifications. There are many schools which would consider what you have perfectly adequate. I think truthseekers' estimate of pay is a little on the low side, but you ARE looking at a big drop compared with the UK. If you have a European passport, you won't need a visa to work. Schools here mostly don't have "packages". My school pays private health insurance, a housing allowance for new overseas hires, a private pension and a matched savings plan, but as the more negative posters will tell you, my school is exceptional in this regard. You children are all entitled to free tuition by Spanish law. As your boyfriend will tell you, the Spanish public health service is good compared to the British version, so you don't really need private health care.
    If all else fails, you could look at working as a conversational assistant in a Spanish public school. My daughter's doing it at the moment. She works two full days a week and two half days and gets paid 1000 euros clear. This would give you a lot of free time to supplement your income with private classes... Message me if you need any more information...
  8. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Surely you mean "truthful" ;););););););)
  9. makhnovite

    makhnovite Occasional commenter

    Give it up dumbell you have made your point so many times you are in danger of becoming the musicteech of the Spain threads!!!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    lottee1000 and dumbbells66 like this.
  10. miketribe

    miketribe Occasional commenter

    In what respect, exactly, is my post above "dishonest"?
  11. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    I didnt say yours was dishonest, in exactly the same way as everything i have ever said negatively about Spain has been completely true. We just have very different experiences of that country. My post maybe negative, but they are 100% truthful about my experience, the experience of my family, friends and many many many colleagues.

    Just giving a balanced account of Spain @makhnovite, as its definitely not as rose tinted as some make out.
  12. miketribe

    miketribe Occasional commenter

    Then I suppose we'll just have to accept that your one experience at one school over a couple of years is "more honest" than my experience in two schools over 37 years, right?
  13. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    not what im saying at all. i had a horrendous experience, so did members of my family (in a different region), so have close friends, and many many many colleagues that i have worked with (over 50 now), and only one has ever said they would consider returning to Spain, that says a lot. the rest firmly state, "oh NEVER again". their experiences are totally honest account of what Spain is like too. like i said, we have very very different views and experiences of this country.
  14. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    I think it comes down to expectations and what each person is willing to accept as being good in a school. Iv worked with some teachers that will take **** and just be happy whilst others who hold their ground
  15. sah79

    sah79 Occasional commenter

    Thanks all!

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