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Space topic

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by GemsEYFS, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    hi all, we are focussng on the topicof space next half term, i have quite a few good ideas to start me off. We are going to make a large space rocket for the children to access in their role play, and make a space station. paper Mache Aliens, making moons and stars (Do not want to go into too much detail about planets as only Nursery)going to make food for a picnic on the moon.....

    I just wondered if anyone has looked at this topic before with Nursery children , and would like someideas of some creative things that worked well??
    Any idead would be appreciated.
  2. I love this topic and have visited it in a few different ways depending on where the children took it...
    1 "Whatever Next" links nicely to the picnic on the moon and role play/drama.
    2 Dance = aliens/space music
    3 Drama - we received a "message from space" on a dictaphone. Some aliens told us they were in space and near a planet but were worried about going to visit as they looked different and didn't talk the same language as the people there...we talked about how to play together/that actions and faces could be friendly too etc.
    Must get back to work! I'm on here for ideas myself!
    Have fun!
  3. Hi - we did this topic with Nursery/reception/year 1 so some ideas may not be suitable. The most successful thing we did was have an alien crash-land in the playground - support staff scattered things on field - computer parts, map, translation book, 3 fingered glove, electronic gadgets, gloopy footfrints leading into school etc then made huge noise outside doors - crashing baking trays on floor. We went out and collected artefacts and 'crashed' rocket and brought them inside. children in groups discussed what the artefacts were - what they might be for ( some were worried about alien - we had to assure them it was friendly!) they painted pics of what they thought the alien might look like, what it might eat etc - where did it come from?
    We put the rocket in classroom hoping the alien would find it and repair it. The children left food and drink for the alien and the alien started writing messages to the children each day - translatable using translation book ( some reception children coped well with this) we did the messages in wingdings. This caused great excitement and some children even started coming to breakfast club so they could be the first to find message. the children would reply in their own writing and pictures. eventually we left tools so the alien could mend rocket and posed another dilemma - the alien asked if he could take the class toy - a cat the children took home in turns - we discussed this and voted that he could take the cat for a short time, so we made him a space suit and took photos of the alien ( a blow up one - the only time the children actually saw it) taking off with the cat.

  4. When I did a space topic (loved it) the best thing about it was the space ship role play. I displayed the planets behind and other spaceship vocab. The chn made a huge rocket out of boxes, foil and cellophane and a control panel with bottle tops for all the controls. We had a space suit and a keyboard in there. I heard chn counting down on it by pressing the number buttons and 'blasting off'!

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