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space topic Y1

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by s7ace, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all starting a topic on light and dark. How do you think I should start this topic as want to cover light and dark, neil armstrong and space facts.
    Any help and activities grateful
  2. Hi all starting a topic on light and dark. How do you think I should start this topic as want to cover light and dark, neil armstrong and space facts.
    Any help and activities grateful
  3. hello, have just done this with my children, can def give you ideas. Can send topic planning to you. With Neil armstrong i made up a IWB resource of informaiton and we made our own book of facts on the computer about him. A recount of him life. Brought in all time connectives etc: Let me have your email address and i'll send you some stuff. It's not great as only in my second year of teaching
  4. Hi. I am doing Neil Armstrong with my Y1 class for History and would love a copy of your plans if possible? My email address is jodiewt@aol.com.

    Thanks ;0)
  5. Im doing Space this term - encompassing all that has been mentioned! I would really appreciate your plans
  6. Jen g

    Jen g New commenter

    Sorry to jump on the band wagon but please could I have a copy of your planning and powerpoint of Neil Armstrong. I will gladly return the favour if at any time you need some ideas.
    j_guest@sky.com Thank you in advance!
  7. Jen g, any ideas on lion king/ gumboot dancing or ideas on re-writing Bring the rain to Kapiti plain would be useful. Am sending you an email soon, just attached it all and bloody page expired! Technology!!
  8. hey peeps! You got mail
  9. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    please could I have a copy of your planning as well as this is a topic we are hoping to do after Easter. Thank you very much
  10. Could I ask for a copy too please - would be great to have some new ideas for after Easter. Many thanks, ericaguk@yahoo.com
  11. Thank you thank you thank you!! Really appreciate the plans!! x
  12. Helena and Erica, you got mail. Happy to help geniegirl. it's good to share.
  13. Hi alikitten is there any chance I could have a look at your plans too, like the idea of studying someone different than dear old Florence Nightingale!

  14. Hi
    Im starting a space topic next week. Im planning on basing the fiction side of it on Aliens love Underpants and obviously Ill be covering the non-fiction aspect too and other areas of learning. Allikitten81 I know you have already had alot of requests for you planning but please could I have a copy need some fresh ideas. Thank you in advance
  15. Jen g

    Jen g New commenter

    Hi alikitten i can only offer suggestions on the lion king I'm afraid as I haven't worked on the others. What areas are you looking for ideas in? PSHE seems an obvious focus with friendship and trust. Creative - lion masks and mixing red and yellow for sunsets, maybe you could get some animal stencils and make a animal silouhette picture. Google earth the area. Sorting in maths??? thats all I can think of at the moment!! HTH
  16. Is it true that Neil Armstrong did not actually land on the moon and the americans made up the whole thing to beat the russians in the space race, ever such an interesting documentary on not so long ago about it and it certainly made me have my doubts. Anyone else see this and where do you then stand teaching it to children if it was a massive conspiracy by USA?
    Just wondering on your views?
  17. Thanks for the plans. They are great - especially as I am also doing dictionaries and recounts. Such a great topic for cross-curricular links. Although I did Light & Dark in Autumn 2 so may need to shift round my Science topics next year!
  18. candyshrimp

    candyshrimp New commenter


    Just starting a space topic after the hols, please could you send me some ideas? Your help would be very much appreciated as I can only find ideas for this topic on TES!



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