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space topic planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by relaxchick, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hello is there anyone who has planned a topic on the theme of space as in outer space and could either help me by sharing their planning or ideas? I have got so far with ideas and then become a bit brain dead.

    thanking in advance

  2. Hi there, sorry to sound stupid but what is 'Hamilton' that you mention?
  3. hamilton education


  4. Hi
    we covered this topic last year and the kids loved it- especially the boys. We tied it in with the animated fil Baboon on the moon (visual Literacy) i have a MTP if you're interested?
  5. Hi Milkyway,
    I am thinking of dabbling in a bit of space planning for next half term as this seems to be a real interest with my boys at the moment. Please could I see a copy of your mtp?
    Thank you
  6. I've just completed my half term planning for space. Some of highlights (hopefully) will be
    astronaut training at local softplay centre
    robot colleges with junk - old screws, wires, etc. request from parents
    space ice-cream (with space dust that popping stuff in) made in ice cream maker compared to dried space ice-cream from ebay
    Investigating making craters with different size balls, marbles, etc in talc, powder paint.
    Junk model moon buggies
    scholastic site has recipes from space drinks and planet pizzas
    Life size astronaut paintings
    A college circuit to create own universe
    Whatever next - story reacting with props
    Free painting/college of aliens - descriptive writing
    Just a few ideas, did this last year in summer term was a big hit - adding in some new and improved bits. Moved to now as links in with our Christmas play! (see out of the ark music)

  7. Hi,
    If anyone could send me their mtp for this topic I would greatly appreciate it. I just decided this morning that we are going to have a space rocket roleplay so I need to match everything round it!

    My email is
    amanda gillard@hotmail.co.uk (without the space)
  8. I would also be grateful if someone could send me their MTP for space. I am an NQT in Reception and will be teaching this topic after half term. Any ideas for this topic would be great. My email is gemma_newby907@hotmail.com thanks in advance!

  9. I would also be grateful for any ideas or a MTP for FS2 for Space. I am new to FS2 this year and have some ideas but would be grateful for more. Many thanks in advance of your help.

  10. Hi, i was just wondering if I could have a look at you space meduim term plan. I am an NQT in reception and struggling with some ideas. My email is lbargewell@yahoo.co.uk.
    Many Thanks
  11. Hi FluffyOne! Please could I also look at your planning for Space? I am a new Reception teacher, having taught KS2 before and am finding it all very challenging!
    My email is a.bee@hotmail.co.uk
    Many thanks in advance,

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