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Space Topic Ideas

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by fmh1, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. What do you mean by space? Do you mean as in star trek etc? If not you could look at modelling theatre space, get your class to create a spatial representation of a poem,play piece of music, dance etc. Hope this is of use.


  2. Lottes

    Lottes New commenter

    Space and 3D... pretty prescriptive!
    Making a rocket in Art seems a bit pointless and tokenistic. You'd be better making a bottle-rocket as part of their Science?
    ... I feel for you, and would rebel personally! (Why does everything have to be crow-barred into ONE theme?) But if that's the way it's got to be....
    maybe some sort of nebula structures - look at Tara Donovan's work it's great (even if it doesn't truely fit the theme.) Some of her pieces perhaps look like earth from space?!?
    Can't think of much else I'm afraid as it's a rather narrow brief! (Except awful things like solar system mobiles?!?)
    Good luck.

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