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Space Topic - Creative Curriculum

Discussion in 'Science' started by nel1987, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Need help with this topic, a name for the topic and how to link into other areas of curriculum. I have a year5 class- any ideas helpful!
  2. Evertonian

    Evertonian New commenter

    Depends how creative and cross-curricular you want to be...if you are staying within a fairly Science theme then I suppose you can do something like "Mission to Mars" (I love bringing in NASA and Russian projects linking to that)...or you could go philosophical but interesting like "Do Aliens exist" or "Is there Life on Other Planets". Time dependent I'd love something like "Space through the Ages" and look at how different civilisations saw space...like a timeline...Egyptians, whoever built Stonehenge, Greeks, Romans, Early Christians, Modern Day...the Future (and the geography within that). That brings in history, religion, possibly music (Holst's Planet Suite is linked to the planets and the respective linked gods), Maths for any space topic on dates, distances, hours in the days etc., Literacy...look at stories/writing on it, Art could link to Egyptian or even all the different intepretations of the sky or gods. "The Moon Landing" is good too - we use the Time magazine cover for an ICT/Art/History lesson where they are shown the landings and explained the significance of the iconic cover then design their own cover. Again you've got modern history, you can look at JFK's speech and do some drama or speaking skills, the maths involved by NASA working with little computerised equipment, Geography of the launch sites or Space Race. A more contemporary song I love is the Queen one, "39". Good little sing along acoustic song...if your kids like to Rock the whole Cosmos Rocks album was fun imo (but I'm a big Queen fan).

    Food for thought anyway! Hopefully it might help with a idea or two!

    I rarely miss Primary but I do miss being able to be cross-curricular and more creative!
  3. wow fantastic ideas there - and I decided to call it Mission to Mars before I read this, strange!! I love the link to Egyptians, very creative! Thanks, I will be pinching a lot of these ideas!

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