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space savers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by johnberyl, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. johnberyl

    johnberyl Occasional commenter

    I'm moving classrooms in September - to an extremely small space but with lots of children! I'd appreciate any space saving suggestions you might have - anything, anything at all please! Cheers!
  2. I have had to think about space saving in my current classroom. It already feels cramped but I have to fit in another 3 big tables ready for September. I had a lot of cupboards and drawers that were taking up most of the wall space, so I had a good sort out of those. I condensed them and managed to get rid of one cupboard entirely. We have a shared resource space for our year group and very little of the things in it were actually mine. I nicely requested that we have a sort out and we managed to make space for a few more of my cupboards. If there is anywhere you can move cupboards to then it could make quite a bit more space.
    Also, I am not having drawers for all my books next year. Books that aren't used daily e.g. sketch books will go in the children's own drawers to save space. Maths and literacy books I am considering having in a storage box of some sort, and having on the side somewhere, I've not thought that through fully yet though.
  3. I use boxes from Ikea (I think they are £1 each) in blue and red for most of my books, on top of bookshelves etc and magazine holders/file things (the cardboard type that stand up long and thin - argh, can't remember the exact name of them...) for my literacy and numeracy books with the group name on the front of each box (I manage to get one set of maths and one set of english books in each, so 6 in total for 6 maths and 6 english groups). They don't take up much room at all, and are easy for the children to find their specific book, as well as for me for marking.
    Hope that helps a bit - if you can pursuade the school to get the under desk drawers for the kids instead of separate drawer units for their personal drawers that saves quite a bit of space as well, but obviously involved the school spending some money (unlikely then!).

  4. johnberyl

    johnberyl Occasional commenter

    Thanks! Any others?

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