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Space Music

Discussion in 'Primary' started by clatkiu1, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Gustav Holst-The Planets
  2. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    We listened to Apollo:Atmosperes and Soundtracks, by Brian Eno. It was composed to accompany the tv footage of the moon landing.
  3. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  4. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I love the soundtrack from Apollo 13 by James Horner.
  5. Jean Michel Jarre with his electro sound. I used oxygene I think to create a space dance around the big bang. Elgar's nimrod or Copland's fanfare for the common man can also be used. Elton John's rocket man.
  6. what about war of the worlds?
  7. [/b]
    <font face="Calibri">Week 1</font><font size="3">Blasting off </font><font face="Calibri">Could start with launch sound effect such as Spacecraft 1 &ndash; Special FX 2 album which is just a quick 40 secs of spacey launch sound</font><font size="3">Tiny Little Rocket Ship by The Bees Knees would be a good song to put some actions to, for children to copy. Very upbeat and aimed at children.</font><font size="3">Or Rocket Ship by Ninny Cow Tea &ndash; this is a short rock song with lyrics written by young children. Children are singing on the song and it includes a countdown.</font><font size="3">Or Space Oddity by David Bowie! (nothing rude in it)</font><font face="Calibri">Week 2</font><font size="3">Landing on the moon</font><font size="3">Could you start with a clip of the first moon landing to set the scene? http://history.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/video11.html#Landing</font><font size="3">Could start with sound effect such as Spacecraft 2 &ndash; Special FX2 album which is around 40 secs of landing sound.</font><font face="Calibri">Maybe a space walk dance using something like Space Walk (radio edit) by Lemon Jelly to focus on moving slowly as if walking on the moon. It&rsquo;s quite a funky beat song, but slow with it so they could still focus on slow moves.</font><font face="Calibri">Before this you could use something like Slow Moe Joe which is a song I have about a child who moves slowly and then quickly. It would be good for change of pace focus.</font><font face="Calibri">Week 3</font><font size="3">Looking around</font><font face="Calibri">You could use something from Holst Planet suite, or maybe build on moving slowly and changes in direction, maybe in pairs, copying matching movements etc. There are some lovely space songs such as Supernova &ndash; Mike Oldfield, or Outerspace by Airstream, where the children could be walking on the moon, or things floating through space. These would be lovely for a cool down too.</font><font size="3">Week 4</font><font size="3">Shooting stars</font><font face="Calibri">I really like Popcorn by the Popcorn Players (this was the theme tune to something like Tomorrow&rsquo;s World, anyway you&rsquo;ll recognise it). It could be a really nice dance with the children focusing on using their imagination and using changes in speed and direction being shooting stars etc. There is also a nice song called How Many Stars by Johnny Bregar. It&rsquo;s a nice funky one that they could do fast moves focusing on changes in height to. You could use the chiffon scarves here as shooting stars.</font><font face="Calibri">Week 5</font><font size="3">Aliens and visitors from outer space</font><font face="Calibri">You could focus on how aliens might move etc, getting them to imagine what kind of alien they are and how they might move. They could do pair work, matching moves. You could use tracks like Space Boogie by BLT, or OuterSpace/Inner Space by Flanger which has a good rhythmic beat which they could lots of different kinds of alien moves to. Aliens Instrumental by Dr Octagon would also be good, although it is a bit spooky. Space Suit by They Might be Giants is good fun and has some smooth bits and stoppy and starty bits to match changes in speed, direction etc.</font><font size="3">Alternatively you could use something like Two little men in a flying saucer by Ella Fitzgerald as something light.</font><font size="3">Week 6</font><font size="3">More aliens. </font><font face="Calibri">What about continuing to explore the alien dances, maybe thinking of working a group of three this time, including the changes in pace, height etc?</font><font size="3">or Planets</font><font face="Calibri">The Zuideo (sp!!) cd has a couple of tracks about space. They also have one about circles. You could adapt this to explore planets spinning in space etc? I&rsquo;d fancy having a go at something like Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones, but that&rsquo;s just because it&rsquo;s a bit funky! You could use scarves in this one so they don&rsquo;t necessarily have to turn themselves all the time, but could explore turning the scarves etc </font><font size="3">Relaxing spacey tracks for cool down:</font><font face="Calibri">Time in Space, Inner Space or Space Walk from the Ambience 2008 album or Holst The Planets &ndash; Neptune or Venus.</font><font face="Calibri" size="3"> </font>
  8. Sorry, it did have paragraphs in my versions, but I did just copy it from a Word doc which obviously sent it a bit crazy! I have three weeks of detailed dance plans which I could email you if it is of any use. It would be suitable for Reception, Year 1 or 2 as I did it for a mixed class.
  9. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    Thank You so much. I would be really grateful if you could email plans, that would be great.
    Thank you very much to everyone for your great suggestions.

  10. Hi
    You should have mail.

  11. Hi there

    I read this thread and the space PE sounds FAB
    Just wondered singup if you would be willing to let me have a copy of the planning - thanks so much!

    Elly - teachelly@btinternet.com
  12. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    There's a book called Phantasmagoria which has three musicals for primary schools - one called "The Flight Of The Starship Silver Grey". It's not bad. One of those A4 books spiral-bound on the short side! Easy piano and some nice percussion/activity ideas.

  13. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    If you haven't already found it, the "Sing Up" website is one to register with.
    Registration is free and they put new, downloadable songs/ideas on regularly. You get a magazine sent to school and everything. They are bound to have some space stuff. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  14. Hi Elly
    You should have mail.
  15. this is a bit late (7 months after the original post) but if you read this, please could i have a copy of the planning - it would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the song list is amazing - i wanted some songs but didn't know where to start!!!!!!!!!

    email - michelle@potts9.orangehome.co.uk

    MANY (NEW YEAR!) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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