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SouthBank Uni PGCE Primary interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by life2teach, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    I have a PGCE interview coming up in Jan 2010 and wondered if anyone has any tips?
    Or has anyone been for an interview there?
    Many thanks
  2. Hi Steph
    I start my Primary PGCE on Monday. Is it primary your being interviewed for?
    The day consisted of sitting a written exam where we were given an article on a current educational issue and had to answer questions about it, a presentation to a group of around 10 other candidates and then there were group discussions with about 8 people in the afternoon.
    It's hard to really give any tips as it is down to you and what happens on the day. When doing the presentation the other candidates you are presenting to act as the class and I would reccomend being as interactive with them as possible, it made me feel more at ease as everyone was encouraging. Some advice I was given before hand was to get involved as much as possible and that is what I did in the group discussion.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Kayleigh,

    Sent you a personal message. Could you kindly reply back?


  4. Heyy
    I have an interview at SouthBank this week and I'm really unsure of what to revise for the English test,could you please offer me some advice.I would also like some advice regarding the presentation.Please reply back
  5. Hi Kirran,
    I'm applying for 2013 registration so have been doing lots of preperation and research. There are two tests; Numeracy and Literacy, which are done on a computer so includes your ICT test. There are practice tests on the Department for Education, Teacher Agency website. I suggest you get practicing as the numeracy ones can be quite tricky as they are timed and only give you a limited time to complete each question and once the time is up you can't complete it. The literacy test is also timed but quite easy. It test's spelling, grammer, punctuation and comprehension. I would also look up the current curriculum and the proposed future changes to it.

    Hope this helped

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